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Im one of these people who likes to click on the text, drag what I want for selection purposes then ctrl v's into the text box. This is especially handy for quoting multiple posts or a salient part of whatever point it is that is being made.

At TW this isn't that easy to do. For some reason you have to fiddle about, or highlight the whole page, slap that into the box, and then remove the parts you dont want to comment on.

I'm assuming its a CSS thing, would anyone have a fix or suggestion?



Yes please

If anyone has time to have a look at the CSS i'd be eternally grateful, im fighting a losing battle with time right now and it's been on the TODO list forever! :-)

Hooray for IE bugs

evolt address a similar issue, perhaps not useful in this situation, and WPDFD throws up some javascript which was the 'solution' I was looking for.

Doesn't happen on Firefox or Opera though, ner ner ;)

Are you using IE?

Are you using IE? Shame on you! If so, the problem's to do with the CSS positioning. Use Firefox and you shouldn't have a problem ;) I'll try to dig out the relevant bug later (or I'm sure Suzy could tell us without needing to look it up!)

> Doesn't happen on Firefox o

> Doesn't happen on Firefox or Opera though, ner ner ;)

How right you are, so it doesn't. Maybe I should just dump IE, thing is, Im too resistant to lifes only constant (change that is, not IE!)

>..Shame on you

Well funnily enough, I did make FF the default some time ago v.0 something or other but switched back as I was having all sorts of silly issues with various windows settings so rather than bugger about trying to get it fixed I decided it simply wasn't worth the hassle.

I do use FF for various bits and bobs, its not the default, thats all.

Absolute positioning

It's probably because you're using absolute positioning for the #content div. Try this:


I'd personally try the Javascript hack in that link, because IE users don't disable JS anyway. Saves messing with the CSS. You could put it in an IE conditional comment for IE6 only - I bet that this site's IE usage is under 60% anyway.

It has to do with Absolute Positioning...

You can select blocks of text by Ctrl + Clicking the block of text you wish to select. It will select the entire block. You still cannot select pieces of text though, only blocks of text.

There is a fix for this

But ill be damned if i can remember it offhand, rather than do some intricate work-arounds im pretty certain it has to do with placing an inline element just before the div or something like that - a nbsp usually does the trick - if anyone is in touch with Suzy could they ask her to stop by? She'll know what to do :-)

I'd be interested too. This i

I'd be interested too. This is something I've been dealing with since switching to CSS-P a couple of years ago.

I have a tendency...

...to include IE-specific lines in my css files using expression. Of course the css won't validate anymore, but it does away with the need to use separate bits of javascript...

height:expression{' '+(parent.window.document.all.left.clientHeight-0}+'px');

Of course, that method DOES use JS, so it's a hack like any other, but it's compact and clean-looking.

Note: the brackets don't match, but I had to fiddle with them to be able to quote it here...

I saved the home page as .htm

I saved the home page as .html and put it up at:


text selection seems to work over at the dogs place???? -Beth

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