Google Consumer Packaged Goods?


Via Googlefied, product packaging is a form of advertising, and thus Google just created a blog about it:

Welcome to our new Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) blog. Our motto: all the news from Google's ad team that fits in your fridge or pantry...and maybe a little bit more.
Our goal for the blog is to communicate with you, our advertisers and agencies. We'll talk about the ways in which CPG is tackling the changing world of online marketing and how we work with advertisers to create the best experience for their customers.

How is Google going to become a middle man in the product packaging market?


Diet Coke + Mentos = Sales Explosion

Kudos to Diet Coke and Mentos for not freaking out about the whole "soda explosion" thing and holding a contest where users submit their own videos.

Get your French Frying

Get your French Frying Legion buddy to cop an ounce or 6 of DC syrup for you, add that to a 2 liter diet coke, and see what that does to the DCM effect.

On the business of marketing, just because they are doing this doesn't mean it is smart. It's one thing to try and make good of a bad situation, but there's legitimate risk involved that might not otherwise be advisable.

kudos indeed

but its a brave company prepared to risk the lawsuit if a kid gets hit in the eye by a flying bottle top :)

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