Start Using Bigger Words: MIT declares it's now "Web Science"

Time to start using more double negatives and longer words, because what we do is now a formal academic discipline to be henceforth referred to as none other than the not unsavory, yet somewhat ambiguous token "Web Science".

With initial support from M.I.T. and the University of Southampton, the program will hold workshops on Web science and sponsor research fellowships. “But we also want to educate and train people who can understand and analyze how these huge, complex systems on the Web work,” said Wendy Hall, a professor at the University of Southampton. “That means eventually having undergraduate and graduate programs in Web science.”

Yes, push aside "communications" as the major of choice for the attention deficit social web crowd, your son/daughter will now go to MIT for "Web Science".

Ben Shneiderman, a professor at the University of Maryland, said Web science was a promising idea. “Computer science is at a turning point, and it has to go beyond algorithms and understand the social dynamics of issues like trust, responsibility, empathy and privacy in this vast networked space,” Professor Shneiderman said. “The technologists and companies that understand those issues will be far more likely to succeed in expanding their markets and enlarging their audiences.”

He actually mkaes it sound good, doesn't he. Funny how he refers to it as Computer Science, though. I'm guessing TBL wasn't getting enough respect from the entrenched academic CS Ivory Tower, and this is just a trial balloon.


Ghey, Ghey, Ghey, Ghey,

The web needs smaller words:

Google everywhere...

>> >> Wendy, paging Wendy

>> She was recently awarded with the 2006 Anita Borg Award for Technical Leadership.

So, Google is already involved here in some way?


I can disavow SEO again and be a web scientist!

Aha. I read it as a need for

Aha. I read it as a need for a "web social science"; not just a technology thing but a study of its impact on the world.

Web science?

Seems to cast a bit of a broad net. Here's my idea of a web engineer.

Advantage to the University of Southampton

Looks like the university jumped in as the first mover, possibly following publicity surrounding this topic:-

Which cites the following:-
"When you look at university courses, web science isn't there - it seems to fall through the cracks"
Sir Tim Berners-Lee

For the Brits. Guess who I am gonna try and get on the phone with later- Wendy, paging Wendy, cos I too want an ology


I've got an ology!

>> your son/daughter will

>> your son/daughter will now go to MIT for "Web Science"

Over here, they'll go to Southampton... Not quite so glamourous