Yahoo!'s Tim Converse classifies the field of SEO in more colors than just black and white.

Luminescent pearly white: This would be a case where the SEO designs a site to show up for relevant queries and not to show up for irrelevant queries. Do luminescent SEOs exist?


get a clue

It seems like Yahoo has too much time on their hands... how about getting the bugs out of Panama before daydreaming about SEO categories.

It's actually a really funny

It's actually a really funny good read.

Let's be plain here. Charcoal and above in the "dark" categories aren't SEOs they are criminals that play the engines. I feel quite clean and white after reading that, and I tell you what, I aint!

Nice find.

Nice find.

Dark Gray

>The SEO collects (aka steals) random text from other sites, and uses it to create thousands (or millions) of pages targeting particular queries. The pages have nothing original of value, but do have ads.

Dark Gray sounds an awful lot like Search engine result page, whoops ....

Search engines have no color

Search engines have no color, they're just Opaque.

those aren't colors. The

those aren't colors.

The only color of SEO is green seo.

But green seo

isnt a product of green seos.


John has figured out self-promoting links ;)

Just in time for

Just in time for Thanksgiving. I made this image for that SEO t-shirt contest sometime ago:

Dark or White SEO?

Bang on Graywolf

Aint that the truth!

wow !!

"infovorous human reader and the termnivorous "

Considering i had a reading age 5 years abouve the average when I was 10 - 2 words in a scentance that i ahve to look up in a dictionary wow!

presumably Tim used to work for the NYT :-)

aah he's not so clever

he probably googled them

Nah - he made them up

because they made sense in the context of the article.

another seo contest

I blogged about this thread and someone dropped a link for the latest seo contest.... now that is not Pearly White!!!

my link was from a contest

my image link was from a contest ran last year!

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