Breaking News: Bomb Explodes at Ebay PayPal Campus


I just saw this on the local news here in San Francisco:

Explosions Reported At eBay PayPal Building In San Jose

San Jose firefighters are responding to reports of explosions from within a four-story building in San Jose that has also drawn responses from a bomb squad and a hazardous materials team.

The fire department responded to the building at 2211 North 1st St. at 7:31 p.m. after being contacted by the building's private alarm company that some windows were broken and several explosions may have occurred inside, according to San Jose Fire Department Capt. Jose Guerrero.

I wonder how or what effect this will have on business....


That's pretty unfortunate,

That's pretty unfortunate, and weird.

Just goes to prove

eCommerce is still an explosive business

And this is why I love Threadwatch

IncrediBill you are too funny. I thought of many inappropriate jokes when I heard this on the news... but decided to just report what I heard. Thanks for making me spit out my coffee this morning. :)

UPDATE: PayPal employees returned to work today, after being asked to stay home yesterday. Police do not have any leads but say that the bomb was "sophisticated" but are unsure if it was a Halloween prank or deliberate.

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