Feeding Frenzy consumes Google's YouTube Money?

Interesting post on Blog maverick about the Google - YouTube purchase, cross posted from a "trusted" discussion forum. The poster is an alleged insider, who says that at least $500 million of the Google purchase has been set aside for copyright liabilities, OldMedia worked a deal with the Big G / YouTube to buy/sell partial ownership in YouTube as a way to avoid paying artists a share of the profits, and that Google has basically purchased a 6 month royalty free license for copyrighted content via the complex YouTube deal.

One interesting aspect is how squeaky wheels get greased, and the deal (as described) anticipates a limited amount of expenses for what may be a huge potential liability. I wonder if this kind of expose' changes that? Who's going to pay the other $500 milion in damages/legal fees? Yeah mom, I know, I should a gone to law school.


Half feel like posting links to that...

...on all sorts of artists' forums and the like. Smelly through and through.


There are just too many

There are just too many soundbites and snippets in that piece for my weak little mind to focus on one facet.

Besides collusion I think we'll also see some artists suing both the media companies and YouTube, a few Federal investigations here and there, and who knows what else. If true, there's certainly enough meat for a lot of parties to get dogs into the fray.


That is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen done. If that is true, it's truly creative and smart. Only problem they'll run into is other video sites suing them for collusion.

If true (and I can well

If true (and I can well believe it is) this is very interesting indeed