Adwords - One Affiliate per Merchant rule to be Announced 6th Jan

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1 affiliate per merchant to be announced tomorrow
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ThomasB appears to have the scoop on the rumour that Google Adwords will be announcing 1 affiliate per merchant in the first week of Jan 2005.

Thomas, any chance of a summary of what that means?


Effect on Affs and Publishers

Due to the limit of only one affiliate per merchant per keyword I guess that we will see increased bid prices as every aff wants to have the only available spot. On the other hand I guess that AdSense might see some changes in income in the next weeks, though I expect it to stabilize over time.

I personally see a few ways around it:
- Set up a white label site
- Try to get better comission
- Outbid the competition till they leave the market to lower the prices afterwards to make some profit again
- hide that you're an affiliate

I personally see it as a good development and a step into the right direction. 5 ebay ads for the same keyword were kind of annoying in the past and didn't provide any value to the searchers. So wether or not Google increases their revenue I think that the searchers will like it.

net drop in ad revenue

I think most aff guys will just move on. There might be a price spike initially as people scramble for the one available spot, but then ad-space demand will drop as the business model fails.

Landing Pages

So everybody is just going to have to create a landing page then?

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