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Doors open at biggest gadget fair
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Gadget freaks all over the world will be wetting their pants with excitment over the Vegas CES that opened today. Rather than litter the recent posts list and RSS feed with dozens of CES related threads i thought i would put the ones i find interesting all in one place. Including Podcasts.

Please feel free to add reports you find interesting as comments, providing a link to the source and a relevant quote.

Kicking off at CES Vegas

We can start with this BBC report on the opening of CES. It's a nice all round intro to the whole deal.

The thrust of this year's show will be on technologies which put people in charge of multimedia content so they can store, listen to, and watch what they want on devices any time, anywhere.

About 120,000 people are expected to attend the trade show which stretches over more than 1.5 million square feet.

Highlights will include the latest trends in digital imaging, storage technologies, thinner flat screen and high-definition TVs, wireless and portable technologies, gaming, and broadband technologies.

The show also includes several speeches from key technology companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard among others.

List of Links to Good Coverage - Comments Contain Quotes and Details...



There is also the Adult webmaster Convention and the AVN convention and awards in Vegas this week... an interesting mix - will be there over the weekend I think!!!

Orb Ties Up With Audible, Netgear, ADS and Others for Content

Orb Networks have a whole slew of new partnerships announced, see the link for full details

Tech Gadget Show Features Hottest Products

The chief executive of SBC Communications Inc. will be among the highlighted speakers at the annual event that begins Thursday, next to a keynote lineup that includes executives from Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Inc.

Other pipeline providers, such as Verizon Communications Inc. and Time Warner Cable, are also expected to announce their latest strategies or partnerships to better position them in the delivery of all things digital - music, photos, videos, television.

"Everyone wants to get into the living room, whether it's Microsoft or the telcos," said Ted Schadler, an industry analyst with Forrester Research.

Good overview from the Ledger

Engadgets go CES Mental

Engadget are having a ball at CES and have opened up a seperate blog just for the show: (though maybe that was there last year?)

All IP Video, All The Time At CES

techdirt pronounce the CES top story to be IP video. Post has lots of nice related links to back up the claim.

Another blog of CES coverage

UK IT site VNU have sent a team to CES and are maintaining a CES blog too. Coverage of the setup before the show and Bill Gates' keynote.

(Disclaimer: I have a commercial connection to VNU. No, I am not an employee).

Om Malik - A very VoIP CES

Om has a good report and links to various reports on the VoIP presense at CES this year...

Pogues Vegas DIspatches

David Pogue of NYT will be posting a series of dispatches from the show - sub req'd

BBC Cover the Official Launch

The BBC has some lovely photos and good coverage of the official launch today - well worth a skim..

OMG! Baking by Barcode....

I love this: Baking by Barcode from the guys that bought us the George foreman Grill and the Juicer:

Among the products Salton plans to begin selling by the second quarter are coffee makers, microwave ovens and bread-making machines, all of which have built-in networking capabilities for communicating with one another and other devices in the home. The company also introduced a PC-like entertainment device designed specifically for use in the kitchen, and a wireless "hub" machine that can be used to manage all of the networked appliances.

Perhaps the most forward-thinking, yet eccentric, gadget in the bunch is Salton's Beyond Bread Maker and Beyond Microwave, both of which offer not only Internet connectivity and storage space for recipes, but also the capability to cook via bar code.


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