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Interesting series of articles on ClickZ by P.J. Fusco on identifying questionable SEO tactics, etc. Seems to take pride in having fired SEM firms.

It's often irritating to me when people take the high road just to distinguish themselves, but there are many very good points brought out in this article. It would be nice (and more compelling) to see more specifics on search performance improvement after the "SEO spam" tactics were removed and the "right" tactics implemented.


Unlike Last Time

At least in this article she writes, "The majority of SEM firms don't practice questionable SEO tactics. Similarly, most Web masters and marketing manages don't intentionally strive to implement risky SEM strategies. Both, however, are usually under pressure to produce quick results."

So for those who criticized the previous piece by saying that she was trying to set herself apart from everyone else in the industry, she's clearly not doing that this time. At least I don't think so, but I didn't think she was doing that in the previous article either.

More Drivel from a confirmed Search Moron

This girls a liability to whoever she works for. For one thing, that piece is just more of the same self positioning crap we saw last week and for another...

She thinks her PageRank Increased by Changing the Background Color of Some Text!

Seriously, this idiot needs stop scamming companies by claiming some kind of expertise in the field - she clearly doesn't have a clue.

She's just building a Resumè for consultancy work, Clickz need to get their act together, they're losing quite a bit of credibility publishing this rubbish.

Has anyone else noticed that Google have stopped Sponsoring these pieces? Is that related? heh...

No more...

As Threadwatch is supposed to be for professional grade discussions i think we might have to consider not linking to any more FUD coming from ms fucso's dubious offerings....

I think i can help her...

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

How about that? Read that, when you're done, feel free to write some more drivel for clickz eh?

>So for those who criticized

>So for those who criticized the previous piece by saying that she was trying to set herself apart from everyone else in the industry, she's clearly not doing that this time.

It may be slightly different, but one does not need to read it to know its rubbish...

>Search Engine Optimization f

>Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

overall a decent starter book, but I think it could place significantly more focus on link popularity.

Ive not read it..

I was just kidding a bit :-)

Less noise ...

As far as I can see she is just creating a bunch of completely un-interesting noise. I really think it should be left out of this place. I don't think there is any reason to spend time and space on analyzing statements from a person that do clearly not understand even the most basic aspects of SEO. I thought this place was going to have less noise :)

Uninteresting noise

Agreed 100%. But I still got 3 people forwarding me both this and the previous article... I think whoever let them get published should be first against the wall. There's lots of crap articles that get submitted everyday, I'm sure, and most of them never see the light of day... So it should have been with these ones.

Some Thing Fishy On This One...

"Although Google PageRank isn't as critical today as it once was, our changes received a near-immediate boost on the search engine. The site's PageRank increased by one click in just three days."
Kind of interesting. If the PR was down on a penalty/ban and removing the spam got the penalty/ban lifed the increase in the rankings would not be there right away. In fact if you PR drops cus of spammy pratices you are usally dropped out of the index.

Of course then it could be that just right after they uploaded the changes there was a Toolbar PR update with a Real PR and BL update at the same time and they just don't notice that. Toolbar PR when up and they got an increase on Rankings from the BL update.

Not sure which is worse. Not noticing the PR update happened at the same time you removed the spam. Or thinking that removing spam has anything to do with a move upward on the toolbar PR when you have good Ranking.

It would be nice now if she would say some thing good about some SEO/SEM firms that she has farmed out work to. Surely she has hired some of those I hope.

its a rebuttal

This article may have been written as a rebuttal to all the negative comments printed here and elsewhere to her previous article.
IIRC, she was invited here to discuss it, but I don't believe she arrived.
I think the article is her attempt to justify why she wrote the previous edition.
But I suspect she has done herself yet more harm in the industry than good, with the number of faux pas in there... :( Of course, who knows how the clients read it?

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