Ex-CIA Agent States Google is "In Bed With" the CIA


Former CIA clandestine case officer Robert Steele has stated that Google is "in bed with" the CIA, as his contacts within the CIA confirm.

“I think that Google has made a very important strategic mistake in dealing with the secret elements of the U.S. government - that is a huge mistake and I’m hoping they’ll work their way out of it and basically cut that relationship off,” said the ex-CIA man.

“Google was a little hypocritical when they were refusing to honor a Department of Justice request for information because they were heavily in bed with the Central Intelligence Agency, the office of research and development,” said Steele.

The CIA has admitted initiatitves to control media in the past -- is this just the next logical step? And could this be connected to Google's interest in its political truth detector?

This comes shortly on the heels of Google resetting the views to the Alex Jones movie Terrorstorm, which focuses on the history of terrorism sponsored by intelligence agencies.




Tin Foil Hats

Man it's no wonder that Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil is one of the most most trusted brands today.

i really wish people would

i really wish people would see how it important it is to be open-minded about "conspiracy theories" (a truly meaningless term) outside of mainstream media. the kennedy assassination is the most visible example of why that is (at least in terms of american history).

here is a scenario where we have an ex-CIA agent, an individual qualified to speak about the CIA, the threat it poses, and the nature of its tactics. he warns against the dangers of a google-CIA union. i would take that in and of itself as a credible cause for concern. combined with documented CIA behavior regarding control of the media and google's documented interest in entering a governmental watchdog role, i would think the cause for concern simultaneously grows and becomes more legitimate, and thus is, at the very least, worth paying attention to.

Load of shit if you ask me.

Overblown load of shit if you ask me (the sensationalism of the story and this Tom Clancy wannabe, not your opinion KidM).


Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't after you.

Nice stuff in there about 9/11

While Steele stopped short of saying 9/11 was a complete inside job, he agreed that the evidence points to the overwhelming complicity of the Bush administration.

“The U.S. government did not properly investigate this and there are more rocks to be turned over,” said Steele adding, “I’m absolutely certain that WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition and that as far as I’m concerned means that this case has not been properly investigated.”

“There’s no way that building could have come down without controlled demolition.”

Now this story gets more credible support too. Many people are quick too pooh pooh. Never trust a politician.

Credible cause for concern?

While Steele stopped short of saying 9/11 was a complete inside job, he agreed that the evidence points to the overwhelming complicity of the Bush administration.

Yeah, now it's TW that I can't go into without my tin foil-wrapped, lead-lined colander firmly planted on my noggin.

While there might be something underlying the headline the sourcing is total crap.

Pure noise, no signal.

Okay, let's practice the old

Okay, let's practice the old skill that I like to call "consider the source." It's an arcane (but very powerful) technique I learned from a Level 7 Master Librarian with high-level connections to the government.

kidM, the article you point to is on disgrunt.com:
I've never heard of disgrunt (from their About page: "Only with the acceptance that we are little more than blind rats in a maze being manipulated on a near constant basis can we begin to understand what is really going on around us."), but they point to source for their story with a hyperlink at the bottom of the page: "Source: Prison Planet.com / Paul Joseph Watson". The specific url is http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/october2006/271006googlecia.htm

Aha, now we're getting somewhere. That name sounds familiar--why? Well, hopeseekr has posted prisonplanet claims on TW before: http://www.threadwatch.org/node/5981 . That article claimed two things:
- Google responded to a radio broadcast in real-time to "censor" an article in which Charlie Sheen claimed that 9/11 was a conspiracy.
- Google removed spacewar.com from its index because Google is in bed with China.

I debunked both those claims on that page. Look for the reply beginning with "Oh come on. Google doesn't index a page for three days, so it must be censoring prisonplanet.com? I (strongly) call BS. There's no reason at all why Google would do this. What does Google care either way if Charlie Sheen wants to say something?"

I'd be happy to say that in my going-on-seven-years at Google, I've never seen anything that would support this latest theory. And given the experience I have with the previous assertions of this source, I'm disinclined to believe this latest story. But rather than spend more time on a Saturday morning reply, I think I'm going to get some bagels instead.

I'll leave you with the secret advice: "consider the source." Even though it came from a high-ranking librarian with very close ties to the current government administration, it's powerful advice. :) And just to be clear, I have no particular beef with prisonplanet.com--if they want to assert that I have deep and close ties to, I dunno, Heather Graham, I would definitely throw my weight behind that one.

Okay, off to fetch the bagels. Have fun debating this story.


I can't believe we are crediting sites like Disgrunt.com as credible.


WTF is this place now, TabloidWatch.org?

Why don't you throw in a 'Holocost Did't Happen' expert while you are at it to disparage Google.

I may as well start going to http://www.weeklyworldnews.com/

the source of credibility is

the source of credibility is not prisonplanet.com or disgrunt.com -- although i should note that prisonplanet.com is a source of true investigative journalism. they dont get everything right but they do focus on a lot of stories that are true and important. here's another link you might find more credible, it's from february of 2006.

anyway, the source of the credibility is not prisonplanet or disgrunt or any site -- it's the robert steele quote. steele is an ex-CIA agent, i would believe this gives him credibility on matters related to the CIA.

i will try to find an audio or video clip of steele saying it, i imagine it will be online in a few days if not already.

also, it is not like google and the CIA have not done business before, remember cia owned keyhole, which google bought.

Robert Steele

it's the robert steele quote. steele is an ex-CIA agent, i would believe this gives him credibility on matters related to the CIA.

Robert Steele also believes 9/11 was an inside job and part of a Neoconservative Neo-Nazi Coup D’etat. That terrorists were trained at US military bases, that the towers were controlled demolitions, and that Rudy Guiliani was part of the master cover-up.

Sorry if I don't consider Mr. Steele the most reliable of sources.

Okay, now I've got to go

Okay, now I've got to go Google who Heather Graham is...

>>What does Google care

>>What does Google care either way if Charlie Sheen wants to say something?

Because Charlie knows Heather Graham, Matt. Its all about getting Charlie's roladex.

?Everyone knows the NSA

?Everyone knows the NSA and the CIA don’t get along, kinda like the Army and Navy.
SO if a so called x-NSA spook (intern) tells you to disregard the CIA agent behind the curtain, should you?

And the Storm Trooper says, “Nothing to see here, move on...”

(Sorry Matt, I could not resist. ;-) )

the source of credibility is

the source of credibility is not prisonplanet.com or disgrunt.com

Right, it's the Steele quote. And taken together with any of his other quotes his credibility is pure crap.

Mowing the grassy knoll

Okay I'm not one of Googles greatest fans, but even I am having trouble with this one. It obsures the real danger of Google having all that user data and the Gov't spooks/law enforcement/hopeless security/political operatives/lawyers showing up and demanding it. Like we have been discussing in other threads Google is sitting on the data mine and it is just a matter of time before somebody is going to want it Real Bad.

Never underestimate the coersive power of the government.


..and you could say that if Google didn't cooperate with the CIA then they would be being unpatriotic.

[Runs for the ol' nuclear shelter in the back garden - before somebody here remembers they have connections with the 9th Artillery Division]

Kali wrote:

Kali wrote:

..and you could say that if Google didn't cooperate with the CIA then they would be being unpatriotic.

Actually, the Patriot Act already says that.

just to set the record straight

>>Robert Steele also believes 9/11 was an inside job and part of a Neoconservative Neo-Nazi Coup D’etat. That terrorists were trained at US military bases, that the towers were controlled demolitions, and that Rudy Guiliani was part of the master cover-up.

From what I see he's talking about WTC 7 which collapsed a block away from the main scene.

Call me old fashioned but

Call me old fashioned but while G provides buyers to my sites I don't care who it is in bed with!

Weren't people killed for

Weren't people killed for suggesting that the Earth was round? Or that is wasn't the center of the universe?

i have emailed the folks at

i have emailed the folks at prisonplanet to see if they can post an audio or video clip of it.

on robert steele credibility: if you are going to refuse to believe a person who does not believe the official 9/11 story, you are going to be refusing to believe a lot of credible people. here's a link to a site full of credible government officials who believe a reinvestigation of 911 is warranted. it includes a number of CIA agents, including william christison, ray mcgovern, robert baer -- these three plus steele have about 100 years of intelligence experience. and for those across the pond you can add MI5 agent david shayler to your list.

there is no point debating 911 with people, i've tried it many times and it always comes down to there being two sides: those who have done their homework or who view the information with an open mind and have accepted the shocking truth (which is that at a bare minimum a reinvestigation is needed), and those who haven't done any research and/or are willfully ignorant.

as for the credibility of prisonplanet.com: i assume many (most?) are not familiar with the site. so how do we go about evaluating it's credibility? as search marketers, we can look for some metrics:

page rank: 7
ILQ: 6,052

i'm sure there are other tools -- the point is evaluate it based on your own knowledge and assessment tools, as SEOs you are well positioned to do this.

here's an idea worth considering: google is a very powerful company (obviously). the CIA is a very powerful institution that has, historically speaking, abused its power and its secret privileges. if you doubt this do your own research, most of it comes straight from declassified government documents, so it hard to deny (unless, of course, you choose to willfully deny it). so when a powerful, secret organization with an appalling history of corruption (the CIA -- or to be fair, part of the CIA) begins to work with another powerful organization (google), it is only logical to see that there could be a possibility of a powerful organization becoming more secretive.

isnt this something worth paying attention to?

now, matt has stated that in his experience he has not found any cause for concern, and i'm appreciative that he has taken the time to express his viewpoint -- any response from google staff on this matter is, i would think, most welcome. although i think the concern is still valid, and, until proven otherwise, credible.


I suppose if you polled 1 million adults one or two would swear up and down that the Easter Bunny exists and/or they actually caught Santa crawling back up their chimney.
Neither are real but.............are we certain?

I find it so funny

I find it so funny that when someone posts something just a little controversial here so many of you turn to derision instead of debate.

I guess it just goes to show that the average SEO person is no brighter than any other bulb in the chandelier.

it always comes down to

it always comes down to there being two sides: those who have done their homework or who view the information with an open mind and have accepted the shocking truth (which is that at a bare minimum a reinvestigation is needed), and those who haven't done any research and/or are willfully ignorant.

You've got that part right!

Maddox on the subject: and actual science.

This thread

This thread is gonna hit 100 replies... LOL

Regarding Alex Jones and the above noted 'inbound link credibility theory'

His entire site is linkbait.. so what did you expect?

> I guess it just goes to

> I guess it just goes to show that the average SEO person is no brighter than any other bulb in the chandelier.

duhh...are you callin us stoopid?

Almost as bad as religion

there is no point debating 911 with people, i've tried it many times and it always comes down to there being two sides: those who have done their homework or who view the information with an open mind and have accepted the shocking truth (which is that at a bare minimum a reinvestigation is needed), and those who haven't done any research and/or are willfully ignorant.

Well, it says one thing: most Americans are pretty patriotic in their refusal to consider publicly available data. Who wants to know they have a terminal disease anyway?

Couldn't help it....

Cartman: They aren't going to find out who did it, but they will make up a scapegoat, send him to detention, and make us all believe it. It will be 9/11 all over again.

Kyle: Will you shut up about 9/11!

Cartman: Kyle, why are you so afraid of the truth?

Kyle: Because anybody who thinks 9/11 is a conspiracy is a retard!

Cartman: Oh really, well did you know that over 1/4th of the people in America think that 9/11 was a conspiracy? Are you saying that 1/4th of Americans are retards?

Kyle: Yes, I am saying that 1/4th of Americans are retards.

Stan: At least 1/4th.

Google has much to gain

Google would have much to gain in this arrangement. The entire refusing to provide the user data was merely smoke and mirrors. They gave it to the government a few weeks later via the leaked AOL data, which contained far more information than the government was legally able to request via subpoena (such as personally-identifiable user ids...that could lead towards prosecution since it was made common domain by the leak).

Google is being groomed to be the wardens of our Panopticon, wall less prison of hightech security cameras on every wall, where every purchase much be authorized by central government/corporate database, where your freedom to travel will be restricted by the RealID as soon as July 2008.

We are in the end game, folks. Forget 9/11. Just look at the tyranny around you. You will not believe me, but I have been secretly arrested. I have been held for weeks in deplorable conditions during the winter of 2003 with never being charged (and I subsequently have no record but my DNA is mysteriously in the FBI databanks).

Now, as of 5 October 2006, the Republicans have started to *literally* cleanse their own party of undesirables: specifically homosexuals and people with Mexican-sounding surnames; pedophiles are being left unchecked, as a huge number of them are. In our society, unless you have the very rare grassroots support like Ron Paul or Cynthia McKinney, you have to have alot of dirt just to get the nods needed to run a traditional campaign.

As of 18 October 2006, any one of you who are not American citizens yet visiting or living on this soil can be secretly arrested, held indefinately, tortured, waterboarded, Alberto Gonzoles even refused to disavow parents having to watch their children be sexually tortured in front of them! THIS IS SICK, FOLKS! Draw your own parallels if it helps you but we are quickly setting new records of depravity. This is the End Game.

Most of the people on this thread have nothing to fear for a few more years; but, you may, just may have friends or relatives who might just start disappearing and what then? You think it will never happen? Tell that to the 1100 Muslims snapped up right after 9/11? Entire families disappearing in a night. My next door neighbors, Muslim citizens, refused to even talk to me about the upcoming Iraq War in early 2003; the guy pulled me into his place and whispered, "We're against the War, but my brother disappeared in 2001; we can't let any one know what we believe and we dare not vote."

And it's gotten SO MUCH WORSE since then, particularly in October.

We have not been free since the Supreme Court coup d'etat in November of 2000. We have been under defacto dictatorship since Bush started ignoring the Supreme Court *and* contravening Congressional Decree by utilizing over 800 signing statements nullfying, going directly against or flat-out saying he would ignore entire bills passed by Congress because, why?, because he is the Decider in Chief (quoting him).

As of 18 October 2006, with the passage into law of the torture bill and the 15th October passage of the ammendment to the Alien and Sedition Act (implimented in 1793) that now permits the President to surrepitously sieze control of national guard units to EXPRESSLY SURPRESS POPULAR UPRISING FOR ANY REASON ... We are living in an out and out fascist tyrannical state.

Our only real hope at this point is at least one Democratically-controlled house of parliment after Nov 7. Am I naive to assume Democrats are any better? NO, but they *will* have to dance a little dance, create a "softer form of Fascism" merely to keep the electorate asleep a little longer. If they don't even have to do that much, if people such as on this thread keep refusing to join the fight and continue cutting down so many that want to but are easily dissuaded, then ... then voting in 2008 will probably be about as effective as voting in China.

Bush is a modern day Caligula, the guy who was born into the royal family several hops from ever being emperor and who appeared to be heavily mentally handicapped. Until one day, he slit the throats of the family members in his way, ascended the throne to become an absolutely ruthless, tyrannical genius who set back human progress for 1300 years.

Stan: At least 1/4th.

Stan: At least 1/4th.

Kid, I don't understand why


I don't understand why you assume that folks who do not agree with you have not "done their homework", do not "have an open mind", "haven't done any research", "and/or are willfully ignorant".

I read, I analyze, I evaluate. I do not come to my conclusions out of ignorance.

I find your assumptions an insult.

my assumptions were not

my assumptions were not meant to insult, sorry if you took it that way.

i find it hard to believe that anyone who looks at the evidence can come to the conclusion that the official story is credible. if you have looked at the evidence and still find the 911 official story to be credible, than that is your opinion, and you are of course entitled to it. in my experience in debating this issue, most people tell me i'm a "lunatic kook" or that i'm a "tin foil hat conspiracy theorist" but generally arent able to back up those accusations with any merit (which is ironic, since they are accusing me of making merit-less statement).

in any event, i posted this originally with the intent of exploring Google-CIA connections, because that is an issue that affects anyone who does business online. to be sure, i am not a person who is anti-google for the sake of being anti-google; i usually mock such behavior. i am, after all, on record as saying that google is second greatest corporation in the history of the entire known universe. but thus far, this seems to be a legitimate concern, or at least one worth paying attention to.

Read what we must do...

I'm not a pessimistic guy or i would be south by now.

You, every one, need to read Why I talk about Bush's attacks on my freedom more than radical Islam, especially two posts down where I give possible actions to take to make the world significantly better. Also, feel free to check out people's comments to this call to action and how the pessimists are actually keeping us from advancing due to very specific evolutionary tendencies.

I'm w/ Kid

all i see in the 9/11 debate are religious fanatics on one side and people trying to understand it all on the other.

As long as they change the sheets afterwards...

/me puts tinfoil hat on momentarily.

Actually I'd be shocked if some level of interaction was NOT going on.

The only thing I'd actually be interested to know is whether The Google is officially supporting it or not. Not from a love or hate issue with Google but from a more spectator sport interest on how 'they' are getting things done.

okay, prisonplanet has just

okay, prisonplanet has just uploaded the mp3 of the alex jones show in which robert steele was a guest and made his comments.

here is the link to an mp3 clip of the show in which steele talks about google. i'm pretty sure that file will work, let me know if you are having trouble with it.

the clip is about 5 minutes long. they talk about a number of issues regarding the future of technology and media. even if you dont think the google CIA connection is worthy of attention you may want to hear steele's other thoughts regarding the future of technology and media.

is steele a credible person? here's some info on him, you decide for yourself.

-- CEO and founder of OSS.net
-- clanedestine case officer with the CIA
-- second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence
-- top reviewer of non-fiction books on amazon.com.
-- in the 5 minute audio clip above, he names a couple of CIA contacts that have informed him about the google-CIA relationship
-- he personally knows larry page, they are a part of the same hackers club (he mentions this in the 5 minute audio clip)

you can also view his amazon profile to see what books he's read and the reviews he gave them. this can help you determine for yourself if he is a knowledgeable person on these topics.

if you are still bugged out about the 9/11 issue, you can read his review of Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA by Webster Tarpley here. That is generally viewed as the most authoritative book on 9/11 within the 9/11 truth community.

okay. so, thus far, we've established that everything in the original post is true. to recap, that is:

1. a former CIA officer has said that Google is "in bed with" the CIA
2. the CIA has admitted it has had initiatives designed to control the press
3. google is interested in creating a political truth detector
4. google has admitted that it has reset the views for the movie terrorstorm, a documentary looking at the history of terrorism sponsored by intelligence agencies. (google says they did this by accident, which i'll accept at face value, although still worth noting IMO).

now that we've established all these as facts, we can, if anyone is interested, explore potential implications of those facts. i am most interested in seeing if google can issue an official statement on this, and particularly would love to see the following issues addressed:

1. has google given personal user information to the CIA? or any kind of information?
2. if not, does it plan to? or what is the policy if the CIA asks?
3. if it does make an info-sharing deal, will this deal be secret or will google disclose this? there may be legal implications here as well, i.e. perhaps they will not be allowed to disclose it.

matt, i know that, when faced with answering serious questions about google's willingness to compromise user integrity or go eat bagels, you chose to go eat bagels. and who can blame you? i'm a big bagel fan myself (i like a lot of flavors -- everything, onion, garlic, blueberry are probably my favorites) so i sympathize with your decision to choose bagels over information security at the world's most powerful information gathering institution. but if you have a moment to address this, i, and presumably many other web publishers, would love to get an official response, or at least a response that is more focused on the actual issue and less focused on bagels (although, like i said, nothing against bagels, a man needs his bagels, i agree).

i am just kidding about the

i am just kidding about the bagels bit, sorry, couldnt resist. if we could get a more thorough response from G though that would certainly be most appreciated.

if we could get a more

if we could get a more thorough response from G though that would certainly be most appreciated.

If we could get a more reputable source, I'm sure they would respond. No matter what title Steele held, he's still considered to be a whack job by most of the mainstream. If he had any credibility, this story, along with his others would be plastered on the front page of every news publication in the world.

Steele is a smart guy, Alex Jones is a smart guy. But so was L. Ron Hubbard. These guys play to an audience and profit from it. Alex Jones isn't doing this for fun, he's doing it because he makes money doing it. I'd like to take these things a little more serious, but I just can't. To tell me that I haven't "researched the topic" well enough because I didn't view some video on YouTube by some college kids is just ridiculous.

try this on for size

Here's a new tag line for this place

No Habla SEO

kidM, I already wrote five

kidM, I already wrote five paragraphs about how the last two claims I investigated from prisonplanet (Charlie Sheen censorship & China told Google to censor spacewar.com) were utterly baseless (no offense to prisonplanet or AlexJ intended). So I'm going by Occam's razor here. :) Please go back and check http://www.threadwatch.org/node/5981 and see if my debunkings of those previous claims by prisonplanet make sense. The beauty of this latest claim is that no matter who says it's untrue, people can keep believing what they want.

And in case you're wondering: jalapeno bagels with jalapeno cream cheese. If they made habanero bagels, I'd probably eat those instead. I like my bagels *hot*.

Matt, maybe you should be less dismissive.

Matt, maybe you should be less dismissive.
I notice you don't go much for conspiracy theories, especially concerning your employer.
I recall trying to alert you to the fact that someone at blogger is and was selling deregistered blogspot domains to spammers.Rather than comment or investigate the notion and evidence given, you summarily chose to delete the posts.
Hardly makes you a credible and trustworthy resource, I respectfully suggest.


>>Hardly makes you a credible and trustworthy resource

to be fair to Matt, anyone who works for Google can hardly be expected to do anything but discredit this story. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person and have always assumed that the US government can get any info they want about me anyway (I mean if they know when I fly UK to somewhere in Europe I reckon they probably feel the need to know what I search on anyway) but once a decision is taken to do, not do, hide or have nothing to hide on something of this scale the truth will never come out and who says what is irrelevant.

As an aside, hopeseekr if the comment about your neighbours is true I suggest you go edit it - you've just provided the exact info they were scared of revealing to the entire internet with enough information to let me, Google and probably most of the developed world identify them. When wearing a tinfoil hat, justified or otherwise, keep it on at all times :)

very nearly A CNK moment there

I have heard of things like this before at BT - Just goes to show that Google is all growed up now they get "loonie theorys".

Well gives me somthing to Blog about later

Rgds M

ps Evryone Knows its the ASB's (Alien Space Bats http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soc.history.what-if) that controll Google

pps there is no Cabal

Google gave information!!!

Google gave information!!! it's called the AOL Search (franchise of GOOG) info release which included far more data than the government had received legal rights to access and placed all that into the public domain so that it could literally be used in a court of law to prosecute any number individuals the government decided to go after.

Show me the precedent! Show me where the government has in the past asked for all the non-identifiable records of commerce of a business, it publically refuses in a sort of PR stunt, and then mere weeks later, more data than the government asked for along with personally identifiable IDs (which is even better than IP addresses because it is based on a cookie!) becomes available in the public domain, by an apparent purposeful overstep by a group of employees????

Come on! Some one tell me that how sounds more plausible than that they purposefully gave the government what they want!

(*) When ever and always when I refer to "GOOG" I refer to the actual non-human construct and at least one human with access to that construct's property and resources. Matt Cutts is obviously not privy to any details of what goes on behind closed doors above his head. Air plane pilots don't know about chemtrails yet any one of them that investigate it soon find out they are sent out via aerosol canisters installed and refilled by the human waste crews (~100 people per airport, all picked by the Federal Aviation Commitee; a really nasty, high paying job where you could easily use a subsection of the Special Forces and have no one asking any real questions). You didn't believe me any way, so why not stretch your mind a little?

In the words of Morpheus, most people are heavily ingrained in the System, some will even fight and die to preserve the System. Very few have the mental integrity to integrate facts that contradict cherished belief systems; one of the primary beliefs we have instilled into us since birth, which isn't shared by millions of humans and is shown to be less-than-true, if not exactly false, by modern quantum mechanics, is that consciousness derives from a physical, tangible matter. In reality, it is almost certainly the other way around.

In the end, I would feel bad for you because your view of our perpetual actuality is so small (and I say this to every one who finds accepting facts hard; e.g. those not so open minded to put it nicely). I thoroughly realize that there are more Teslas today, willing to understand and believe what research tells them , despite what is popularly regarded as incontrovertible Truth based on nothing but speculation. Like Tesla, you Edisons of the world seek to ridicule and denounce while you furiously work in your sheds trying to create a lightbulb Tesla created 20 years earlier.

Google Supports Foreign Government

Google is not helping the US government they are actually a double agent. They really work for Canada and were giving the CIA misleading information.

Here are the plans for Canada's World Domination.
They have clearly provided most of the financing for Canada's plan (notice the blatant "ads by google")

After all since it is on the Internet and someone says it is true it must be. Now I just have to go over to Wikipedia and update Google's page.

hopeseekr: In the words of

hopeseekr: In the words of Morpheus

Wise words. I agree that Google is in the pocket of the CIA with it's global attempt to register, deconstruct, deconfibrillation and spactulate all meta data from web pages into a giant glowing bubble of information at the heart of the 'plex.

Matt "CIA!!!!" Cutts is known in secret squirrel circles as the man with the info. He is trained in bagel deconstruction (and when he refers to bagels, he really means THE SOUL OF MANKIND)

Please, can everyone with broadband hide under the beds with tinfoil hats on their heads and PRAY that Bush, Cheney and the other lizards can stop attacking our micro noodles for untapped data via the CIA.


FYI - Matt Cutts Interned for the NSA (National Security Agency)... not the CIA (Central Intellegence Agency), there is a difference.

Tinfoil is a conductor, try Leadfoil instead...

No Habla

No Habla SEO

a 20 ! critical hit!

Governmental Control

Personally I don't think anyone who works for the government is competent to handle all that data. Maybe in a hundred years.

More likely they'll use it as and when they need it to take out who they want to. Just another spanner to add to the toolbox.

If they want to get you they will. They don't need Google data for that.

Maybe Not

Seems the State Department is the real culprit... CIA turns them down on research and they used Google.

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