Googlebombing Back in the News


This time focused on a group of bloggers who are using "the Google" (really? the one the President uses??) to push articles with unfavorable views of competitors.

Fifty or so other Republican candidates have also been made targets in a sophisticated “Google bombing” campaign intended to game the search engine’s ranking algorithms.

This is not being well received in some circles. Steve Bryant comments:

By manipulating a trusted source of data to achieve political ends, the liberal bloggers are undermining a tool that works best when it's objective.

Trusted source of data? Objective? And this guy is writing the "Google Watch" column for eWeek? Wow.

Personally, I could care less who Googlebombs who over what. The only thing that concerns me is that coverage of this kind is likely to shine more less-than-favorable light on our industry.


Not Google Bombing

Jon Kyl is a conservative ideologue and the link is to a balance article comparing him to his opponent. I isn't like Rick Santorum whose name became associated with a byproduct of anal sex.

Peter King

the senator mentioned in the article [peter king] doesn't really seem to have problem. He's #1, a couple other guys names peter king, and one blogspot domain which doesn't even have an especially damaging or click provoking title

peter king - Google Search

Since Peter king is my congressman and he voted against net neutrality I was actually hoping for something particularly vile ... sigh


I must talk to my contacts in the party about bloggin and SEO (I live in a very marginal seat)

Bloody stupid way to do this though WTF they ever put this in writing is beyond me.

"Worst Band In the World"

Via Digg, it appears that when you search on worst band in the world,

The band 'Creed' shows up. Kind of an Odd search result if you ask me though. The 'see results for X' option is in the middle of the page with seemingly 'normal' search results above and below a penned in portion of the page.

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