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Google announced the launch of their customized search service. Basically it is AdSenese for search which allows you to tap topic sensitive PageRank, tag relevant results, allow users to tag results, and specify the seed set of sites to search against or bias the results toward.

Given this, and things like the Google Image Labeler, it is quite apparent that Google is trying to collect meta data and create a proprietary secondary web graph to better understand the link structure of the web and give them yet another strong competitive advantage over other search engines.


hmm google 2.0

Looks like goo is realizing that the 2.0 stuff is really worth following. It would be interesting to know what their true intent was or if they are only collecting data to determine what it will be.

On site search does have a huge value

I have used onsite search to help expand my client's product offerings with great success. Started capturing data a few years ago and reviewing with my clients. Granted this is just a local site search, but is powerful tool. I need to look beyond.

The trouble with Web 2.0 IMO

The trouble with Web 2.0 IMO is that the people least qualified to provide judgements, are the ones who seem to push theirs most.

Seriously, it seems there is a whole social subgroup of wannabe sports referees who - in failing the professional grade - specialise in retentive misinformation wherever they can.


Site search

Site search is huge... especially if you want to build up the stickiness of your web site. Once we installed the Google appliance and offered internal search our page views jumped 40%

our page views jumped

our page views jumped 40%

yeah? but could you close?


ABC - Always Be Closing.....

Hey I got to drink the coffee and I got the Cadillac.... I am a closing machine!!!


Hey look, yahoo beat Google to the punch with their Yahoo Search Builder back in August.

Frank Roma

...I got the damn steak knives.

There's a pretty nice roundup, and SEO search at: Stone temple consulting's site.

Someone needs to provide

Someone needs to provide this type of service using a subscription-based model that is ad free.

Deep Crawling Required

Of course if you haven't qualified for deep crawling no sense in using site search

Would the same apply to

Would the same apply to Google Sitemaps and/or Google Analytics? Just a feeling I get...

I Like It

and that's that

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