One Mile Website A Viral Experiment in Bad Usability


Following in the footsteps of the Million Dollar Home Page someone is now creating The one mile website. Basically after collecting 32,000 signatures the page will be 1 mile wide (that's side scrolling). There's no cash or advertising involved (yet) but I could also see this turning into the one mile of spamed email addresses as you are required to give one to put your signature up. I'm there at number 589.

What's the lesson here, well you can go viral with almost anything if you think of it first ...

Editors Note
I removed the direct link since the page has javascript vulnerabilities and is doing redirects. Don't they teach people how to build secure pages any more? Sheesh Lock down your apps. Visit at your own risk


It is possible that it only

In response to 'meh'

It is possible that it only just launched, and Yahoo has not indexed all the backlinks yet... I am led to think so, since ony ~750 signatures are currently on the page... I can see it spreading like wildfire between all the hotmail/MSN users!

I love the speed...

You can grab scroller bar and in a second have travelled a mile. That's what I find quite breath taking! It's not yet as popular as the Mile Wide Wall which is a paid Million Dollar Homepage Knock-off. If it gets popular expect to see a whole slew of copycat sideways scrollers with 1 or 2 adverts in place. :)


For the first, one, if they are measuring a mile, why do they have the current distance in metric units?

How could you build a fresh 32,000 email spamlist?

Well, one way would be to get 32,000 people to submit their first name, last name, email address, suburb and country to a 'viral' website.... a site with no privacy policy, no contact details (well - except you can also give them your full name & email address again on that page if you want to contact them)...

Once this site is complete with 32,000 signatures, it will measure 160934.4 cm which is equivilant to one mile!

One mile wide across your monitor? Thats nothing compared how deep the crap might be in your inbox sometime soon...

I'm with Graywolf - can anyone else see any other motivation for this?


Nice to see the "comment spammers" have moved in overnight ...

The math is already broke....

"What If I Have A Long Name That Won't Fit In 5 Cm What"

It's a real sweet site when

It's a real sweet site when a user -- such as addam, sig 687 -- can call a js alert box.

Yeah, I'll be sure to visit again and see what other surprises are going to pop up.


...I clicked the link and I got a information modal about some Adam guy and then a pop-up alerting me that something from "" was trying to load (although I think it had the wrong URL for Goatse - I have not been goatse'd in quite some time so I cannot be certain).

Be careful if you are at work.


That site is scammed up to the N'th level

That javascript redirect problem is quite comical.. he might get more links from that than his inital concept.


Looks like it's been corrected, not sure if the vulnerability has though!

bandwidth limit exceeded

oh well done. let's build a viral site and put it on a cheap ass shared host. clever.


Looks like they are over their 64k bandwidth per year limit.

OneMileWebsite created before Million Dollar Home Page

Following in the footsteps of the Million Dollar Home Page someone is now creating The one mile website.

The OneMilewebsite was created before the Million Dollar Home Page. Proof can be seen by doing a WhoIs search.

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