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UPI, a major information provider since 1907, is probably the first major mainstream media site I have seen sell links with the word PageRank in their AdSense ads and on their site. Are mainstream media sources getting wise to SEO? How long until the mainstream media starts to sell presell pages? What happens to Google's authority based algorithm when mainstream media sites sell more than just links?


time until those links are

time until those links are useles......5......4......3.....

If they aren't already. Too many varied outbounds.

>>>>How long until the mainstream media starts to sell presell pages?

Similar to this http://www.forbes.com/auto_insurance_quotes.html ? Not used for link pop, but a doorway/SEO page nonetheless.

Auto insurance

Doesn't rank very well does it?

RE Forbes

It did up until the point where it became very public ...

I love it

I love it... actually I don't know what to think about it.

1) it shows that the traditional banners are pretty worthless (already commonly understood)
2) it shows that someone at UPI knows what many companies really want to buy
3) it shows that UPI is adapting to new market conditions (fairly new ~5 years)

otherwise it's gonna be intresting to see how well those links rank in a few months.. meaning now I have it on my to-do list each AM to see if Google devalues the outbound links from that site... in essance penalizing any outbound links from news stories as well as the paid ones..

This double edged sword means that if there is a news worthy site in the article and it's outbound linked.. but it's on a page that is selling PR .. how is Google gonna handle it... without devaluing the link in the article..

Mainstream media may be

Mainstream media may be wising up to selling links for PR, but does big business really want to buy it that badly?

How many big brands are struggling for PageRank so badly they would choose a text link over a banner ad campaign? I think there is still a lot to be said for brand exposure for big business.

Given the choice, I'd take banner ads on a major media portal over text links any day. Text links you can get anywhere.


A couple of dozen untargeted links at bottom of page ranging from wedding stuff to mesothelioma lawyer. Marketing 2.0 indeed. Not exactly big brands though so I guess they saw an opportunity and took it.

I doubt if many mainstream media sites will compromise their editorial integrity this way - I don't think Google needs to worry about their algo quite just yet.



take at look at the lower right hand corner... I think the CS monitor would be considered mainstream... if you want I could provide you with a list of Main Stream Media sites that adopted PR passing text links.

Actually a list would be

Actually a list would be great. ;)

At least CS Monitor have approached it well - categorised the links and displayed them in an area that might actually get some traffic. The UPI method is a little indiscriminate and spammy (IMO).

>>>Doesn't rank very well

>>>Doesn't rank very well does it?
>>>It did up until the point where it became very public ...

Exactly. Forbes used to have top rankings for a whole bunch of random keywords: mortgage loan, debt consolidation, payday loan, auto insurance, etc.

Then someone blogged about it. And the Google rankings disappeared. Yahoo is still eating it up.

Live by the sword

I love the irony of Forbes being outted by bloggers, since one of the SEO companies they hired used to advertise in craigslist that they would pay bloggers $5 per post with links to their clients, who also made up the majority of the paid links on Forbes.

UPI? Old news:

UPI? Old news: http://www.stonetemple.com/blog/?p=52
Eric Enge wrote about this last week, and we knew about it well before that..

The news wasn't that someone

The news wasn't that someone was selling PageRank...that is happening all over the web, you know that Matt.

The issue was that the advertisement card was specifically and prominently mentioning PageRank. Just a hint that some MSM is wising up to search.

Nice Labelling "Advertising Links" in the footer

well, as if the big and unnatural number of links cluttered together on the bottom weren't enough they are labelling it with a fine "Advertising Links" heading...

I'm sure even the Google anti-spam algo of 2005 would have have detected that as paid links already...

if not, of course the open PR selling advertising and special-feature on TW definately helps Matt & co put this onto the list...


Love the asshat outbound

Love the asshat outbound link URL:


So swift...

Google not being very fair...

?Matt google gave searchking a PR0 for doing the same thing...

Why not give upi a PR0 just to be fair?

Why not give upi a PR0 and really teach them and a few others a lesson?

I am not (as most folks here know) a big fan of Bob Massa, but fair is fair.

Google has held SK to a PR0 for several years now for ?supposedly doing nothing more than what upi is currently doing.

If google is going to be fair in their dealings with everyone on the web, shouldn’t you guys at google either penalize upi from a PR8 to a PR0 or give SK back its PR?

Like I said don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of SK or Bob, but I do like to see the big boy on the block (google) play fair with everyone.

BTW - Matt I don't really expect you to post in public about this... but actions speak far louder than words.

>>>If google is going to be

>>>If google is going to be fair in their dealings with everyone on the web

Who said that they were fair with everyone? Come on....

Remember this?


It's kind of interesting to

It's kind of interesting to see Google slowly lose this linking war and Google slowly painting itself into a corner. All the old media and Fortune 500 sites will eventually start doing this.

I think generally Google

I think generally Google held them off long enough to where now the advertisement needs to be changed from being a link to being something more...like a presell page on an established high authority domain.

Presell Page

>like a presell page on an established high authority domain

Kind of like Squidoo?

Good one graywolf.

Good one graywolf.

Location Location Location...

Earlier in the week they were quoting a price based on Page Rank.
They have now reduced the price and are basing it on 'location'.

What about Internet Yellow Pages

Sites like citysearch.com and superpages.com have been doing this forever and google does not seem to mind; even thoug citysearch, etc. is making money. IMO as long as the content is relevant to the search google should be happy ?? if the content is not relevant to the search then that's google's fault. A company making money of google pagerank is not necessarily evil - I wish google would simply look at the relevancy of the results page - plain and simple. If I am looking for a florist in Miami and one of these doorway pages come up who cares? To me it 'would' be relevant.

Pricing for our text links

Last week:

Pricing for our text links is based on Page Rank (PR). The Health Business section is a PR8. The rate is $225 per month. Please let me know if you are interested.

Kind regards,
Online Advertising Manager

Please explain? - "Pricing for our text links"

Sorry but what's the point? The reason the site has a PR8 is because of the content, links, etc. That doesn't change just because they sell text links somewhere on that page. As long as the content of the page is relevant to a search query ... correct me if I'm wrong but indirectly this is google business model as well :).

We are the most popular site on the web. Please let me know if you are interested in buying text links.

Kind regards,
Online Advertising Manager, Google, Inc.

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