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The owners of contacted me last weekend (I was on vacation and did not get the email until today). Evidently they have ranked #1 for the word "pussy" for 6 years and receive over 140k visitors a day from it.

So it seems as of Saturday if you searched for pussy still ranks #1 but if you click on it takes you to a Interstitial page that warns you that there could be malware and stuff like that on

Now here is the kicker... if you search the site they are saying reported for the malware…. is no where listed. Even after doing deep searching on the site I was not able to find any report of

Even more interesting was out of the 50 sites I checked on not one of them had a malware warning and even more interesting is if you click the sub links to you get no interception page.

So... What trips this Google Interception and why would it only go to the root domain? Search Volume? Weird stuff.

Now the people who own assure me they have never had malware eon there website and while I can not confirm that... it is interesting that they have no listings on that site for there domain yet Google intercepts you before you can go to there site.

This opened up a lot of questions in my mind... Can it be that easy to take out a competitor? Someone could have just filed tons of reports against being I was hacked for 2 hours last week and people were directed to malware. What are the legal ramifications here? This isn’t like Google is moving the sites rankings down but rather they are stepping into there 140k+ hits a day and warning people there is malware on the site.

This is the first time I have seen Google jump into results like that.


siteadvisor do something similar

Have you also seen siteadvisor

They put a big red "no entry" sign on one of my sites the other week - took *A LOT* of emails to get them to change.

The site in question had been hacked via the recent cpanel exploit - I found it in minutes and changed it but siteadvisor must have been spidering at that time -

So maybe they had an exploit of some sort?.

Legal side is tricky. On the one hand they are not really stopping you visiting the site but I mean if you got that message - would you visit ?

(I am not a lawyer and these views are just happening of today - take legal advice)

Site Advisor have us nailed too

Site Advisor has nailed a couple of our sites for allegedly sending out spam emails.

The fact is we've never sent any emails from those two sites at all yet somebody has spoofed those domains in spam emails and so we're wearing the red tag for it.

It sucks to see that people who claim to be protecting surfers do so little to check the real situation before they set about destroying someone's business.

Visiting porn sites

It's for work purposes - honestly, ma!

Thanks for the legit opportunity shoemoney.

possible theory:

I have one theory why could be appearing with the malware warning. (Remember that we had a previous thread about locations that were found which apparently had Google's Blacklist data?)

I think that's IP address,, might possibly have some other websites served off of it as well, and perhaps one of those sites has malware on it?

If they're on a shared server, that could result in them getting special treatment that they don't deserve.

Also possible: they could be serving ads or counters on their pages, and the servers those ads or counters are delivered from could be responsible for the warning. The user's receiving content from all those other domains, even if they only see the domain name in the address box of their browser.


I didn't get the interstial page, all I got was free porn

>> I didn't get the

>> I didn't get the interstial page, all I got was free porn

Well, that sucks. Keep trying.

I had a very clean site

I had a very clean site hacked 2 years ago and visitors got a virus download. I found out about it after a week or so and about 2 weeks later the site totally disappeared from Google who re-instated it 18 months later after three applications but with all PR/links lost. Why did they ban then and warn now?


I will, all in the name of research.


I don't know if they are angels or not, but they were known for awhile as a site that did install malware. You can find some people complaining about it with some Google searches I bet. Whether they were hacked, there was a mistake, or they used to take part in these activities, they do have the reputation for it.



"The worm searches the local system for the LimeWire installation directory, and then parses the file limewire.props in order to ascertain the location of the application's shared folder.

Alcan copies itself to this shared directory in ZIP format using a series of filenames it collects by downloading a series of pages from the site. The worm uses the titles of movies found on this site as filenames."

If that's true it could be that they were targeted.

The page states that once

The page states that once their researchers find the malware, they will post a complete report.

If it does not prove fruitful, then what are the legal ramifications? Can sue for loss of traffic/ revenue?

Apparently Google doesn't want

...people getting too much p&@$*y

better an interstitial than

better an interstitial than giving a handjob.

I guess one of the main

I guess one of the main points I was bringing up was there is nothing about on the site google is citing. Yet all the sites they do cite they do not intercept search results (that i could tell... I only tested 50)

Interstitial Page Still Up

Interesting. I tried the url for other sites - etc. and I get a 403 forbidden. Although the format still works for with a trailing backslash.

I wonder if it wasn't caused by an issue with their code spotted on the last spider crawl and it was pulled after a clean spider crawl a while later. Or maybe it was the result of competitor complaints. Who knows.

I searched for malware and while there were 1160 results, most were not in english and many seemed pretty nonsensical.


Regardless of if your site was hacked or not, if it was serving up bad stuff, it is valid to say it is serving up bad stuff. If you can't keep your server protected, it is hardly siteadvisor's fault. As for spam and siteadvisor - i call shenanigans. That is not how they check for spam, but just like prison, everyone is innocent...

Also, everything on this list serves up an interstitial for me (at least the 30 or so i checked).

I say it is a good thing, kind of. I worry what one company will declare valid, good, etc, but as for warning about this stuff, I am all for it.


?About a month ago I saw a hacked javascript redirect page on one of those plone CMS with this notice. Did not get a screen shot of it though. I figured that someone had reported the page as a javascript redirect and it got classified as badware.

I also saw on some gambling SERPs, a while back (can't find it now), it looked like a javascript redirect page to me...

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