Beattie wants to be a Search Spammer

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Search Engine Honey Traps
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Only kidding really :-) but bearing in mind that Russell works for Yahoo this might amuse a few of you search marketers out there:

There's two ways to think about making money this way: The hits and the tail.

The first is very mercenary: If there was some way to find out the most expensive Keywords for a certain time frame - it'd probably be pretty easy to guess which ones were pretty in demand, actually - you could then have a blog which is dedicated to writing up summaries about only these most valuable topics and attracting lucrative search engine traffic as a result. I'm talking about real posts, not garbage, but not dedicated to a theme, but to whatever was the most expensive keyword that day or week or month was. There are keywords that cost $30 a click, right? If you attract a few dozen people your site a month, who read your summary then click on the ads? Well that could be some serious dough.


He's catching on, Nick (kinda

He's catching on, Nick (kinda slow, but -hey- he's a PHONE guy, used to those tiny screens).

Give him a day or two and he'll be pinging me about an invite to Edinburgh. (I don't think he'll make the cut, though.)


I gave that post a miss as the title didn't do much for me.. cheers rc!

Now blogs have opened up the internet to all sorts (only kidding russell heh...) everyone is coming out with these "ideas" and "theories" as if they are the first to think them.

Calacanis and search conference is a good one but so is the idea of writing around keywords (heaven help us all...) what on earth will the anti-link brigade do when the mainstream n00bs start finding out about link text?


Edinburgh.. aah, the SEO/SEM event of the year

>I don't think he'll make the cut

Haha, the organizers are well known to only invite the cream of the crop, but I think Russel might be a good candidate?

Especially for guys like you and me RC that don't know jack about PHONES :)

BTW, any dates on Edinburgh yet RC?

Scoble is planning to steal my content!

OK, Beattie can come if he brings Scoble. It appears Robert will fit right in. And we'll let Beattie talk to Laz, maybe.


Ummm, September?

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