Preparing for the First Working Week of 2005


There's still almost nothing marketing/tech wise going on out there at the moment so I thought i'd share a few thoughts with you on the weeks ahead - please feel free to tell us what you're up to aswell...

Over the first couple of days i'll probably just be linking to and commenting on whatever is of interest but i've been slowly bookmarking some stuff to write some longer pieces on things that interest me right now. They include but not limited to:

  • Grass roots journalism
  • Mobile vs iPod
  • Blog marketing - hehe..
  • Open Source marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Social Networks
  • Permission based marketing

so i hope to be knocking those out when i've got my head up to full speed again (im having a nice glass of red now but it's back on the wagon for me next week heh..)

I also have some plans to monetize this beast - im thinking hard (read - im pretty much there..) about showing ads to non members - that doesnt mean it costs anyone anything, just that SE traffic et al will get some adsense or whatever and the registered non-paying members will not, if they choose. There will be much more detail put onto that when i have my thoughts ordered and have some more interesting stuff done first.

There is also (and partly because of the above) a redesign in the works. grnidone was kind enough to give me a usability report, much of which i will be implememting and, quite frankly - I can DO BETTER... so im going to try :-)


I dont really have that many resolutions for this year other than the following:

  • Get the subscriber section working and operational
  • Get the public side monetized in a way that doesnt piss off members
  • Stop fretting about some of the pettiness that goes on out there
  • Conclude a bunch of biz stuff that started to take shape last year and lost momentum over xmas

For the most part - much of the same but with a little more focus now TW is really up and running.

Oh, one more thing...

Im working very hard (er.. well i will be!) on getting my first podcasts out there - stay tuned for that, i think it'll be a lot of fun..

So, if your online and bored to hell with nothing happening out there, you can check out lots0 spanking Dave Hawley at SEW or tell us what you have planned for the new working year...