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43 Things
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I've been seeing quite a lot of posts about 43 Things over the last few weeks and it's just launched so i decided to have a go and find out a little more.

If you've not heard of it, it's a social network like site that focuses around "things you want to do" - for example, as with the launch post above i thought the start a company that lasts longer than 2 years idea was a good one so i joined that group. I have no idea how i might actually get anything out of this other than a little time filler for a dull rainy saturday but, im keen to find a social network app that keeps my interest longer than a week and is genuinely useful.

By the look of it, I can invite people to "do this thing" - which is cool maybe. I see some stuff in there like contribute to a OS project that would certainly be cool to invite people to - maybe this app will have some use other than filling time?

If you've not tried it, go ahead and have a play around, ive messed with a few things like this and to me, this one actually looks like it might be useful...

oh, and btw, check out my things and feel free to comment/add/join or whatever, i may well add some more later on during the day :-)


better than orkut

I think it looks better than Orkut. I might play around with it a bit when I have the time.

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