IE7 Launching in October


Last night Microsoft announced that they are releasing IE7 this month:

The final release of IE7 is fast approaching … and I mean really fast … and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it’s available for download. We want to ensure that you are ready

Yahoo! is already hedging against the potential loss of marketshare by releasing Yahoo! branded IE7 prior to Microsoft.

Any guesses how this automatic update will shift search marketshare numbers? Does Microsoft catch up with Yahoo! before the year is out?


Download now at MSDN

I've been using IE7 since March. It seems to behave better than IE6, so it shouldn't create too many problems for the ordinary webmaster.

Yahoo has been pretty dead ever since MS started it's own ad program. This looks bad for Yahoo.

It don't work.

My site, which renders in IE6 and Firefox 1 & 2, does not render in IE7.

So I'm using the "comment" tag to hide certain things from IE browsers.

Hah! WGA Kicks MS' Ass!

Notice: I own 100 shares of MSFT and bought 100 more last week in prep for IE7 and Vista.

I also, although I have spent many times as much on the stock, do not currently have a valid copy of Windows for the desktop systems I have built myself. I remember jumping through tons o' hoops to get in the IE7 beta because it required the Windows Genuine Advantage (tM).

Now, I just downloaded the Yahoo IE 7 and installed it with absolutely no headaches, on a machine that totally gets that "You are not running a geniune windows" or whatever constantly.

Wouldn't that mean that for how many millions of people that use warezed windows, YHOO brand is the only one they can use?

How to Run IE6 and IE7 Together?

I want to be able to have both IE6 and IE7 on the same computer. What is the best method of keeping both IE6 and IE7 co-existing on the same machine?

But did you guys knew that

But did you guys knew that Yahoo! releases IE7 optimized for Yahoo! ?

Neah Microsoft's old already :)


...although I can't read that WMW thread (members-only?).

But - from the original post - see the top of this very thread...:

Way to point out part of the

Way to point out part of the original post Cristian :)

IE7 is a P.I.T.A. when

IE7 is a P.I.T.A. when things were CSS compliant before. Another proprietary mess, and this time pushed out to millions of machines as part of an automatic update. We're back to the days of conditional comments to accommodate Microsoft. ojay not as bad as before, but why still need it at all?


I don't want to upgrade to this... 90% of the time (due to being lazy) I do something like to ftp into something..

The new BETA doesn't support that so the assumption is that the final release might now.... hence now I gotta fire up some FTP program to get into something...

launch announcement...


Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from

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