SearchMash - Google's Biggest Failure


DaveN has a big rant on his blog about how much he hates Google's new "UI test", by going through each and every feature and lementing on its shitness:

Seems like even Google would rather not be associated with this little stinker - the design bears no corporate branding, and the affiliation with Google can only be found on the whois and privacy page. Come on Google, at least own up to your mistakes.


Mmmm, linkbait...

Mmmm, linkbait...

Well TBH it IS...

...rather unimpressive and pointless.

Besides, the cursor focus thing doesn't even work on my Firefox (phew), and the thing doesn't seem to get past 20 results.

It's obviously WIP.... possibly alpha?

The only thing I don't like

The only thing I don't like about DaveN's blog is that there is no audio to go with it. I'd like to hear him rant as well as read it so I know what he's saying.

His webmasterradio rants are priceless.


why .. can you name a big failure :)


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