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Google executives have long known that almost no one uses it, but yet they refuse to remove it. Because they feel their will be 'Mass Protests'....

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"If we took it away, there would be mass protests worldwide," said Marissa Mayer, vice president for search products and user experience. "It's part of our heritage. It's part of what users really like about us."

uhh... mass protests... I guess this is Google's part of keeping us all safe at night.

Maybe a few bloggers would make a stink.. however 'mass protests' brings about pictures of cars burning and riots in the street.

If that would be the result of taking down the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button.. Then I would be more than shocked..


Selective Memory

I seem to remember there being "mass protest" over autolink but they didn't seem to care about that ...

You must have a short

You must have a short memory. People went crazy over a stupid butler on a search engine no one uses. There would certainly be all sorts of craziness over a change on google.

you need to get out more

Don't you know that the world talks about that link wherever people get together. It's the only topic of conversation on buses and trains - in cabs and at airports.

The world lives for that link

On the other hand Google and I might just need to get in touch with reality :)


This button isn't news, it's not even interesting.

Finger quivers over REMOVE FEED button....

Spam Search

I would really like to see I am feeling spammy!

Scared of Protests?

Something just doesn't ring right there.

Censor China... put commercial autolinks on other people's content... index the text of entire libraries of books... but removing the "I feel lucky" button is "too controversial"?



I'm feeling lazy and don't really care where you take me.

Scottie :)

Something just doesn't ring right there.

Censor China... put commercial autolinks on other people's content... index the text of entire libraries of books... but removing the "I feel lucky" button is "too controversial"?


Heh... :)

ASK got rid of Jeeves

and are better for it. Mass protests....pretty funny. I've never used it and don't know what it represents. Come to think of it I'm blind to it in the same way I'm AdSense blind. HHmmmmmm.

I never used the damn thing.

I never used the damn thing. EVER.

I have thought about

that before and I reached the conclusion that it is all a matter of Psyhology. The button is there, front page. It say's "I'm Feeling Lucky" and that's what you see each time you enter google.com. That message is very possitive and since we are all using Google on a daily basis it's now subcontionsly accepted by our brain. We do not pay attention to it. We do not click it. But our eyes see it and our brain sees it, even though it is never brought to the fully contious level of the mind.

It is there, saying to our brain that that we are feeling lucky and well when we visit Google.com, when we see their logo...

P.S. Mass protests - BULSHIT! It's all bout that "I'm feeling lucky" message sticking deep into your brain and connecting that feeling with "www.google.com" and the Google logo... believe it or not.

ask got rid of jeeves and

ask got rid of jeeves and now they suck http://asksucks.com/ :)

I'm Feeling Nothing

I'm Feeling Lucky should be the search button on Craigslist's for "casual encounters". Actually, I am surprised Google is keeping it because it eliminates an opportunity for a CPC impression.


I'll put in a good word for Google here: most people who use Firefox, use "I'm Feeling Lucky" without realising it. When something is typed into the address bar that Firefox realises is not actually an address, the default for Firefox is to do a Google I'm Feeling Lucky search for the string entered, which often takes you where you want to go. I, for one, am happy that it's still there.

They could remove the

They could remove the button, without removing the FF functionality.

I think the psychological argument may have merit though

But Mayer said the button is

But Mayer said the button is used in far fewer than 1 percent of Google searches. When company testers have asked users if they know what it does, many say no, executives recount. When told the button will help them speed past the usual list of search results, they say they're still not interested.

Speed past, and more than likely not give you what you are looking for.

I'm feeling lucky...

To be honest this feature could be better used by G. The problem is that people don't want to switch to using it is simply the human notion of 'What am I missing out on?'

Most people would probably save time googling if they used it but funtionally when it doesn't work it causes more time. Because they then have to navigate back to google and to another search to get the result that they would have had originally. (Knowing that most people open search results in tabs or windows and simply navigate back to the search page by closing the 'bad result' tab or window.

A more effect engine would have some integration with the browser and when doing an 'I'm feeling lucky!' search then it wouldn't open a SERPS page but would simply look in the user preferences for that person and would open 'n' new windows or tabs with the results loaded into each window. With the #1 result being in the first or topmost window and then each additonal result loaded into the next tab or window. Easy to do if you ask me - probably even easier to do with a firefox add-in and a simple interface sitting on-top of the engine of choice (like google). (The feature would be the same across engines but perhaps not the same name for copyright reasons) Of course this would have to be permitted in an options tab for the browser, like cookies or pop-ups to avoid misuse. ie. Allow domain.tld to open new tabs and/or windows as required.

To be honest I would find that a more effective way of searching and I'm sure most people would. Anyhow hope you enjoy my idea - hope to see it around someday, remember you saw it here first.

I'm feeling lucky, but are you? Test your luck and wit's to the limit at

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