Google goes supplemental


Seems even Google's own site is not worthy of the main index. What has the world come to?


just realised I don't see

just realised I don't see this later on from work. I made a screen shot just so you don't all think I'm crazy :-p

Not for me

I just checked that query, is still in the main index... In fact, I checked a bunch of DC's, and they all came up with in the main index. Perhaps it was just a temporary thing?

EDIT: hadn't seen SlyOldDog's post yet when I wrote this

can see it here

I'm seeing it all supplemental atm.


I don't not believe you, I just don't see it on mine. Wish i did, i could use a monday morning laugh. lol

Not all Supplemental

They've still got three pages in the regular index!

Screen shot saved at:

I don't feel so bad anymore!

The screenshot is poor -

The screenshot is poor - doesn't show a supplemental shot. Would have told you on your blog, but you don't appear to allow commenters to register.


Brian, thanks for the notice, I updated the image with a circle around the first supplemental result. Fixed the comments as well.

Better screenshot

Well, just to make it clear it's all supplemental I've posted my original screenshot here. Sorry, I don't have a blog and I don't plan to :)

I would recommend that you

I would recommend that you think of supplemental results as pages which (most likely) have less PageRank than pages in the main web index. So , which is a review of "The Gold Rush," a movie from 1925, is a perfectly natural url to be a supplemental result. Although it sounds like it was a good movie. ;)

But... :)

Sure, but does that mean google only stores 3 of it's own pages in the main index?

Ah, I get it - I thought the

Ah, I get it - I thought the story was that a was turning up just a couple of URLs, with the rest as supplmental. My bad for misunderstanding. :)

Looking down that SERPs

Looking down that SERPs trying to a supplemental I saw this thought it was about some new deal they had struck.

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