Are You Spamming Google Base Yet?

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The holiday shopping season is coming, and Google will be pushing Google Base hard:

According to a Bear Stearns research note, Google told a group of eBay PowerSellers it would roll out product search on during the holiday shopping season. The search will bring back results exclusively from Google Base listings.

Andrew wonders if this is just anticompetitive behavior, or a lead in to a meaningful new revenue stream?


Against the principles that got Goog to where they are now.

Personally I think it's a big step in the wrong direction and not only against what Google stand (read: stood) for but also against the concept of the Internet.

We need more content from smaller players, not the big boys filling the gaps. Wake up Goog, your getting far, far too greedy. But I really don't care as I am sure it will provide new avenues for business, just cart b4 the horse style. To me anyway. AltaVista 2.0.

- Ben

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