Seth Godin Wants a Tweak


Seth Godin wants someone to Tweak his website

Where are the talented individuals and small firms that want a closed-end engagement... not to completely redesign a site that's working, not to do any coding, but just to mess with the html and css a bit.

To take their learning from many clients and figure out that this works better than that.

To change the look and the feel but not the bones... plastic surgery for websites. Not a lot of meetings, not a lot of belief required. Instead, take the new one, take the old one, do a split test and see which one converts better.

Sounds to me like he's looking for an SEO who understands and implenets usability, but we know he doesn't like SEO's from his Google speech, so how would you define that job?


will always remember from the video....

"Click on one thing realize it is SEO and click back."

Except for the split testing

Except for the split testing part, it seems to me he's looking for a better webmaster than he has now. Maybe some training is in order.

As for the split testing, it sounds like he needs a better business director. The only split testing I know of that independently provides useful data without "a lot of meetings..." is one directed by somebody on the business team that understand the goals, mission, and online opportunity. That's either an expert consultant in the very same market, or your own business guy.

> To take their learning

> To take their learning from many clients and figure out that this works better than that.

But I thought he was a major marketing guy. Why does he need someone to tell him what needs to be done?

An optimized minimal

An optimized minimal wordpress blog would increase Seth's value a bit in the engines but not much. If I was to give Seth advice it would be to stay away from SEO, I have noticed the lowering of the quality of his content lately. Does he really need more attention?

I hope any tweaks he gets

I hope any tweaks he gets done include making his balding mug logo a clickable homepage link. Goddamn that's annoying.

SEO is only an endearing term... those of us who truly appreciate the nuances of it's everyone it's it is voodoo.

stuntdubl: yes, but I don't

stuntdubl: yes, but I don't know why that is. Has always seemed to me that it's just part of a marketing effort.

Because "search engine

Because "search engine optimization" is too long and not very descriptive. Many people don't even know what a "search engine", let alone what the "optimization" part means in relation to that. Its a voodoo nerd term that only the people in the know understand fully every one else only has an idea at best.

Another way to put it.. at work no matter what I do I am "programming" to others as thats the only part of my job that makes sense to them.

Sacrifice the Goat

I think Seth is looking for another book topic.

Goat's Blood and Other Search Engine Optimization secrets.

A Goat?

I thought we were supposed to use a chicken.

Haha did you miss the Goat

Haha did you miss the Goat update? Google started using goat's blood on August 14th at 11:17 am. If you're still using chickens, your SEO-fu is sad.

Goats and Chickens... your

Goats and Chickens... your SEO-fu is very weak grasshopper.

We been using Elephants for over two years.

Oh ya, not just any Elephants, they have to be pink. ;-)

pink elephants

We dont use pink elephants anymore, but we have found that we do our best creative work when we are seeing them.

ain't that the truth

>who truly appreciate the nuances of it's everyone it's it is voodooo

Or worse its seen as some sort of manual labour, like a car mechanic.

I'm still surprised, no shocked, at the level of misunderstanding amongst those who should know better.

Goats, Chickens and Elephants oh my!

Gee... we use 'spiders' now ( Red Kneed Trantula ) ..I figured it was a logical step.

We tried a snake, but it kept eating my mouse......

A rather pleasant truth

>who truly appreciate the nuances of it's everyone else it is voodooo

And long may it remain so :)

optimization exactly what I think we do.

...unfortunately seo has taken on the context of manipulation and not "optimization"

The procedure or procedures used to make a system or design as effective or functional as possible, especially the mathematical techniques involved


Not sure about the math part - but it's really internet business optimization a lot of times - I'm willing to make an arguement that seo is now a school of thought...not simply optimization or manipulation (article coming someday:).

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