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Under fire on Capitol Hill, Google has boosted its political muscle by creating its first political action committee. Because many of us are SEO's and GENERALLY not political (At least on ThreadWatch) I included inside what a PAC is.

PAC's are political groups that are not formally related to a particular political party, but are associated with other groups (like labor unions, corporations, etc.). PAC's try to influence elections and candidates by giving money to them so that they can later have laws passed that would favor their group.

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Its all about network neutrality

or at least playing both sides equally, since the real networks here are the political networks.

Very smart move by Google. Nice to see that the boys seek out and listen to wise counsel even if on its face it goes against their grain on a personal level.

This has got to hurt.

This has got to hurt.

... Google will tailor its political operations to whichever party is in power.

That's not going to go over well with the troops. You're either principle'd or you not, eh? Let's see GoogleCorp try and walk the middle. That should be fun.

Of course we can expect a spin on the PAC to engage the people in a "grass roots campaign to support the (insert whatever party is in power here) party", right? Help Google do no evil?

The company intends to use the committee "to support candidates who promote an open and free Internet for our
users," according to Alan Davidson, Google's Washington policy counsel.

Yeah, there ya go.

Another quote

"This is very, very symptomatic of the way high tech has evolved in California," said Larry Gerston, political science professor at San Jose State University and an expert on Silicon Valley politics. "These companies started out with an entrepreneurial spirit and a feeling that what was important was the product and the people, so they didn't have to care about politics. But as they become more sophisticated, they realized that politics could either protect them or hurt them."

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