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A place for black hats on SEW?
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The term "blackhat" has become dilluted and distorted, as evidenced by the threadlink above. It's not just that the terms seems to have lost it's meaning (or possibly taken on a new meaning) but as Qwerty pointed out a day or so ago, it becomes offensive when a term you find yourself labeled with is equated with characteristics you'd rather not be associated with.

For him, it's the fact that whenever the tired, sad old debate raises it's weary head, inevitably someone in the dark camp brings up "religious zeal" when describing our lighter cousins. I do it quite often.

The reason im prone to that is that some in the light camp do indeed resemble religious fanatics, it's a fact i think Qwerty would find hard to deny - but rightly so, he objects to being bunched in that description.

Likewise for me with the blackhat label. For me, much of what's being discussed in the thread above is not what i would describe as blackhat, and i too dislike being labeled wrongly.

So, what am i going to do about it?

Nothing much, im just going to stop (not that it happens very often) siding myself with the black camp. It's just not a black and white issue so i think i'd prefer not to generalize. To liken Qwerty (sorry mate, your just a good example heh..) to Doug Heil is doing Qwerty an injustice. I have a lot of respect for what he's said in this thread although we oppose and like him, find it somewhat mildly offensive to be lumped together with so called "blackhats" - when some of them clearly dont understand the term and what it means.

So, in 2005 i shall be hat agnostic and try to judge cases on their individual merits or demerits rather than lump folks together. I shouldnt think for a moment that that will stop people putting a label on me, but it'll make me feel a bit better :-)

So go ahead, call me what you like, im hatless next year and to hell with the whole stupid debate (unless im bored and want a fight of course heh...)


"So go ahead, call me what yo

"So go ahead, call me what you like, im hatless next year and to hell with the whole stupid debate (unless im bored and want a fight of course heh...)" gotta admit it can be a fun fight at times.....or maybe it's just me, i love to see people get all riled up, especially when the issue at hand is not worth fighting over ;)

Nothing to do with hats

- It's all about belts and I am proud to have the black one :)

Hats are just an image thing - something your wear to make people look at you in a certain way. And, as I pointed out in my slides at SES Chigago, there are many more hats than just Black & Whites - why limit ourself to those two ...?

There are no hats. Hats are

There are no hats. Hats are just a simplified image for simplified minds.

Hats Are Passe

I stopped wearing them when I left the Catholic Church in the late '60s.

Hats aren't so bad

I came out of a screening of the new Almodovar film Monday night and it was really cold out. As I don't own a car and had to wait for the trolley, I put on a hat. It was blue. Does that mean anything?

Mad as hatters...

All this discussion going on about hat colors makes me nuts. I have a black cowboy hat, I wear it to funerals or when I have to dress for important events, I have several white cowboy hats, I prefer to wear white hats while riding on sunny days. Far as I know, the people wearing black hats in the blazing sun out west weren't all outlaws, but they were definitely stupid. I've got a brown cowboy hat for bad weather and several straw cowboy hats for working in the summer sun.

I have camo hats for hunting and a Cincinnati Reds cap that I wear to baseball games. If I'm hunting on public land I have a blaze orange cap. When I worked in construction I wore a hard hat.

Seems to make perfect sense to choose the right hat for the job. Whatever color it may be. Nick, it is perfectly okay to shun wearing any hat. Sometimes though, it's fun to go out wearing a go-to-hell hat. ;)


*gets out the dollar bills*

Da Daa Da Daaaaa
Da Daa Da Daaaa
Daa da da

You wouldnt be saying that

if you could see me sitting here in my national health glasses, 2 day old t-shirt, big bag of crisps and a beer heh... (and dirty old roll-up aswell..)

I look like an old tramp :) you're making me hot. you're making me hot. Quit it Nick. ;)

Who coined it?

Anyone know who coined these stupid black hat/white hat labels anyway?

For the record, I completely agree with Qwerty about the religious implications. I too am basically an agnostic and 100% non-religious, and I believe that Alan Perkins is also not religious.

Maybe it's actually the black hatters who are the religious ones? It sure doesn't seem to be the white hatters, at least not the ones I know!


How on earth do you manage to maintain that amazing consistency in entirely missing the point?

Comparing bh/wh to religion is NOT the same as actual diety related religion sheesh... too many chapagne's tonight honey? hehe...

Guess I'm just dumb

No chamapagne here yet.

Not dumb jill

Lets put it to one side for today :-)

Happy new year mate, hope you and your kiddies have a great one!


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