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Compare Desktop Search Tools
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Thanks Jeremey Z for the pointer to this comparison table for the various DTS apps available. I haven't tried a single one, i know how to find stuff on my PC heh..

However, it's a neat link by the look of it, so enjoy. If you are using a DTS app I have a couple of questions for you:

  • What are you using?
  • Why?
  • Is it up to the job?


Used Google's

Had fun for few days and dumped it:
1. figured out it can't really support changes in folder and folder names.
2. Way too many security issues.

For desktop search ...

... I organize with these thingies called "folders".

... and

... I then don't have to search for anything. It's worked for years, and no security or phone home issues.

Sorry for the two-post response; just had to add the above.

I use folders too

Very handy little invention. However, I still find Google desktop quite useful. For example, I name my invoices by an abbreviation of the client's name, followed by the w/e date in yy-mm-dd format. Once they're paid, they go into that client's invoice folder.

So if I want to see all of my invoices for the week ending 5 December, I can go into each of my client's invoice folder and look for an invoice with that date, or I can use G to search for docs with 04-12-05 in their name. And it's much faster than XP's search function.

On top of that, I can search my browser history and my emails.

I haven't tried the others. Don't feel a need to. And since I'm the only one who uses this computer, I don't believe there are any security issues involved.

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