Google Partners With Intuit for Local Search Ads


Via SEW, Intuit is going to allow small businesses to buy AdWords ads from within QuickBooks. QuickBooks data will also be easy to add to Google Maps via one click of a mouse. The 2007 edition of QuickBooks should be out this month.

Greg Sterling likes this move:

The direct integration of AdWords into the QuickBooks workflow may not be as effective as a local sales rep. knocking on a door or making a phone call, but it gets close and it's considerably more efficient in many respects. And, as mentioned, Intuit will be helping Google to make AdWords more "SME friendly" going forward.

This is a privileged position with a massive SME aggregator that currently Google's competitors don't enjoy on a comparable scale.



Ads on purchased dvds, ads in video games, why not plop adwords into software that people buy. As long as it is presented in workable look and feel that is not over bearing to the end purchaser it might even be helpful.

not the same

this isn't 'ads in a video game', this is the adwords platform within a software program that enables sme's to buy advertising and manage it from within quickbooks, on a MASSIVE scale.

remind you of anything else recently?

another big win for google. i like the move.


Like I said my point was, I feel it is a good thing for advertisers to have more opportunities like this whether it be in a video game or a software.


I think I'm not the only one who took this at first glance as 'users of quickbooks software will now see adwords advertising'. That's not what this is. What it is, is if you run quickbooks you can shove data from your accounting package into your adwords account. that's cool - though I'm sure it'll look like a spammy ad like the other stuff quickbooks does like this.

+1 on the concept
-1 given quickbooks' typical spammy implementation.

ah ha

Now I understand.

Of course Intuit...

My first thought on reading this is that of course Google is going to team up with Intuit; they are teaming up with just about everyone that is a key competitor to Microsoft. It doesn't hurt that the idea of Quicken integration is pretty good by itself.

Where oh where will the go next...Sony? Nintendo? Teaming with a direct competitor to the xBox might confirm that little theory.

This is good news but

Sometimes i think the adword sales team and the technical team are going in totally opposite directions...

The sales people work on deals like this to bring in new advertisers and the technical team works to make it as hard/confusing as possible for a "normal advertiser" to use the adword platform (with variable bid price/keyword inactivation etc etc).

no no no

I think the point is being missed here.

QB is the Google of small business *accounting*, ladies and gentlemen. ACCOUNTING is the missing silent partner in the SMB to PPC and online marketing equation to date. All those nickels, dimes, and quarters flowing from SMB to Google without a middleman... you know that's not sustainable.

But SEO types and Ad Agencies have proven they cannot be an effective middleman for those dollars. LocalLaunch had this down... but couldn't execute alone fast enough, and are now IMHO sideracked to the OYP environment.

Your local accountant is your QB "consultant" and QB affiliate/partner and sets you up (whether you like it or not) with QB. I would guess the SMB spends $200-$500 per year on maintaining QB alone already. QB affiliate income (defined more broadly than referral income) is already a significant piece of the profit picture for the accountants, and a central QB system is a significant portion of their overhead expense. For those who do their own QB, Intuit has QB Online as an ASP service as well, and offers a Microsoft-like "solutions partners" network that can now plug in directly to that "community" (via Google ad placements). QB is in the SMB accounting space in a big way.

I think this move includes a shot at capturing that middleman position for PPC spend, including IMHO PPC management. Add "SEO" to the service offerings of every local accounting franchise now (perhaps via a QB "package" and/or Google's own cannibalistic consulting practices). Watch the accountants get their own "Google Certified" logo.

IMHO PPC (plus classified placement, YP placements, etc?) just got more expensive and less effective for SMBs. Just when they started to realize that winging it with an AdWords account was not the wisest approach to online advertising, two authorities step in and say "here, let us handle it for you". Watch YPN pay to play next.

Funny how all that money is moving away from the publishers, nickel by nickel.


Can you use more acronyms please.

I think my accountant trying to control my PPC would be a pretty radical step.

way off

rynert, i agree totally. accountants will never ever in a million years capture a significant portion of the ppc management or seo management. the thought of them even trying is causing me to double over in laughter and pain simultaneously.

this is merely adding another incoming sales channel to reach SMBs through their existing software solutions. In the last 2 weeks we've seen a Salesforce partnership and an Intuit partnership. No big suprise, but good moves nonetheless.

it's really not that complicated of a deal. there's going to be a little link in Quickbooks (that I'll ignore like most people) that will say "advertise your business locally on Google Adwords". That link will take me to a signup page and ad creation form within the software itself (probably), and voila, done.

time flies then

accountants will never ever in a million years capture a significant portion of the ppc management or seo management.

My cpa set me up with a meeting yesterday with a very profitable lead generation company. PPC was part of the discussion and the CPA was all over this. He already knows the profit center that is ppc since he does the books of publishers with frequent visits from UPS.

John is dead on with his call.

my statement stands, unless

my statement stands, unless your CPA is managing your PPC or SEO campaign, in which case I'm worried for you.

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