Danny to Keynote Pubcon - Sign of Things to Come?


Just saw this

WebmasterWorld is proud to announce that Danny Sullivan will keynote WebmasterWorld's PubCon Las Vegas this November.

Funny how the press release starts though:

WebmasterWorld, the internets leading online discussion forum for search engine marketers, optimizers, and site owners has announced Danny Sullivan and WebmasterWorld have reached an agreement.

Is this the sign of things to come? In a way - I hope not - I would rather Danny do his own thing and start a new conference series but we shall see.



Hope not? Why?

Dunno what else might be in discussion between BT and Danny, but even just seeing Danny announced as a keynote speaker is fabulous IMO.

I understand the issues related to competitiveness between sites and conferences, etc. But people in our biz take competitiveness to the point of craziness, if not nastiness. It's not so much the leaders as the commentators, but still, it's over the top at times.

Having done the advertising business in NYC for near 20-year stint, I can testify that there are few businesses more competitive than that. But the same people that are battling ferociously by day, are drinking or dining together by night. Sometimes they even discuss deals that bring two competitors together.

I'd be thrilled to see some of the back-biting commentary in our business get toned down, and this seems just the sort of thing that can move the industry in the right direction.

Seeing BT and Danny do this is, IMHO, great for everybody in our industry. Even if all that comes of it is Danny's keynote, it is still a sign of mutual admiration and respect.

Bravo BT and Danny, bravo.

great move by all,

great move by all, IMHO

[Brett] The big question on every ones mind, is if you have decided what you are going to do next?

[Danny] I wish I could say exactly just yet. I'm still reviewing a lot of options. My preference is to keep doing the writing and conference work that I was doing. I'm pretty likely to find a new way to do that, either on my own or working with another company.


[Brett] Lastly, we are hiring ;-)

[Danny] :-)

So maybe a sign of things to come, but Danny makes it sound like opportunities are still wide open at the moment.


As a past attendee of both conferences (Pubcon and SES) they are very different events - something that Danny brings out in his interview with Brett:

But I'm also thinking about things especially for the PubCon audience. Many of them I know are independent, small shops, focused more on organic listings. I think some of this group often feel they aren't as important or attended to when all the cash flows with search ads.

Now you can say - well there will still be SES but I am more on the side that SES was Danny and without him - it's not the same thing. I am hoping to see something brand new from Danny. I think Pubcon is a strong enough conference and brand at this point to stand on its own.

Now - in regards to Danny doing the keynote at Pubcon - I think its great. I already had my ticket to Pubcon and this makes it even more worthwhile. It's a great score for Pubcon and a great platform for Danny.

Again - just my opinions...

Ah, all good points

It's not clear -- to me at least -- if anything else is even being discussed beyond the keynote.

The point about different audiences for the conferences is clearly on target. I imagine that in the event that the two actually combined forces, they would probably want to find ways to target some of SES' offerings in some fashion.

Don't forget though, the SES is not going away. Whether it would survive w/o Danny is a big question, but I doubt that Incisive is just gonna lay down and roll over. So exactly replicating their offerings may not be in the cards either.


No matter what happens, this is a positive thing for Brett Tabke and Danny Sullivan IMO (and likely the industry too). This is one keynote I won't be sleeping through. Have to take it easy the night before this time I guess. Or not.

I admit I am slow on the uptake sometimes...

But I think I understand now. Anyone who uses Brett Tabke is ok by me.

Very different events?

In the days when Pubcons didn't have speakers, that would have been true. The gap has been narrowing for a while though. For that old school Pubcon feel, Copenhagen would be a good bet.

True but...

The gap has been narrowing for a while though.

True but I think it would narrow even more..


Anyone who uses Brett Tabke is ok by me.


Congrats to them both if it works out into some long term deal. I think the Pubcons will improve with Danny involved.

Organizer vs speaker

Is it news if Danny keynotes SES?

Power Combo

I don't think it will ever happen because the price point between the two venues is a phenomenal difference. Having been to both it was like a lot of the same but the differences were so obvious as well.

I think the combined marketing muscle could create a juggernaut that could put all the rest out of biz, including SES, but that's my opinion and YMMV.

If they could work out the differences between the 2 formats and not leave the lower priced PubCon attendees sitting out in the cold on the curb, this could be HUGE.


I'd be thrilled to see some of the back-biting commentary in our business get toned down, and this seems just the sort of thing that can move the industry in the right direction.

{another} Good call Caveman. I think a lot can become from a mutual respect for other SEO/SEM/IM types, were all in the same vote and on the ground floor. The more *good* that get's created now the better we will all stand in the future.

This is a massive opp to move forward and squash companies trying to muscle in on the industry without really *getting* it. BT and DS has the potential to cover a lot of bases and create something special for all involved.

Good to hear Danny is a Keynote at least! Go bobo ;-P

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