Australian IT Now Teaching SEO Tricks from 1997


Via Andrew's SEM 2.0, Australian IT publishes Gods of Google move up rankings:

The easiest way to get a link is to rent space on a "link farm", a simple web page that contains only links to other sites. Search engines count the links, and rate those pages more highly.

With the media publishing such information, it is no surprise that they paint those in the know as Gods, eh?


Welcome to Australia!

With every major newspaper's content effectively lost to 'deep web' you'd think they would do a little more research before writing such a piece.

Links on are $5000 per week and up. I wonder why they don't take SEO more seriously themselves and pay someone that really knows what they are doing for consulting, or take someone inhouse on a decent salary.

Hey Xenith - I really liked

Hey Xenith - I really liked it better when you said what you really thought!!


Aren't link bait articles supposed to have links? Gee - for that salary range

salaries from $40,000 to $350,000......

you'd expect them to at least throw in a free hit counter or something....

>>With the media publishing

>>With the media publishing such information, it is no surprise that they paint those in the know as Gods, eh?

huh, it works for me. Maybe you are doing something wrong?

Hey Hey Mr Chris_D

Yeah I think after the PM (which is too funny to actually quote) I got within less than 30 minutes (from a member that had been active for 26 minutes) of posting and the thread being pulled once I'd learn not to say such silly things.

But if these 'above the radar' link buys are cool, especially when you've some large corporate Au and NZ clients, maybe I have it all wrong.

Perhaps Simon *coff* Hayes might want to learn how to research backlinks, that way he might get to see some of the real commentary on his excellent 'link bait' article.

Hey at least he know's what a bad neighbourhood is.

I especially liked this part:

More commonly, SEOs buy text link ads on newspaper websites and blogs in an effort to convince Google their sites are valuable. Fees range from $US20 ($26) a month for an Australian blog all the way up to $US1750 for The Wall Street Journal website.

You'd never think the SEO quoted had an association with News Interactive at all now would you?

I dunno, maybe I missed something? Google tells me they know what they are doing, and I know Google would penalise anyone that breaks the precious guidelines. I'd hate to think (2nd PPC result over here) are loosing advertising revenue to these 'natural' search results.

Old School SEO still works,

Old School SEO still works, just ask Danny in handcfuffs

To be fair

It's really more like 1999.

Look at this another way...

3539 days late and a dollar short.

- Eric

free link counter. ha ha

LOL @ the free link counter. ;-)

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