RH Donnally Buys LocalLaunch


Congrats to Justin and crew, who I recently and randomly ran into in Amsterdam.

Via WMW.



I had the privilege of working for them for over 2 years and learned more about internet marketing and business than I could have ever imagined. They are an incredibly talented group of people that have worked non-stop. It was never a question of if they'd be acquired, but when. Looks like RHD made a very wise move, and I'm very happy to see such good people all around succeed.

correct me if I am wrong...

but was that the first happy comment ever by MrTurner? ;)


Aaron do you think they were celebrating in Amsterdam or actually working?

I am with "MrTurner" on this one... I knew it was coming for a while, just was not sure when or who.

Also a congrats goes out to your families, who will hopefully get to see you now, after a few years of the 7 day work weeks. (c: It paid off!

more info?

Can we get more detailson TW?

DigitalGhost is at LL in semantics/linguistics, Justin obviously as creator with keen understanding of local advertising and the entire process of local exposure (online and off, including the crossover of yp insertions, etc), but and who else of the 40 or so talented SEO/search types mentioned does this include? And what about RHD?

I know Brad Geddes knows

I know Brad Geddes knows just about everyone in the PPC market

but was that the first happy

but was that the first happy comment ever by MrTurner? ;)

It's the new beer before lunch approach I've comandeered. Has changed my outlook on life completely. :-)

Here are a few more links to the news:

Yahoo! Finance
MSN Money

R.H. Donnelley

R.H. Donnelley (http://www.rhd.com) is the nation's third largest yellow pages publisher with significant online local search capabilities. The company has more than 4,000 employees operating in 28 states across the United States. Every day, consumers rely on the company's more than 625 directories, online city guides and local search Web sites to find businesses that provide the products and services they need. RHD's directories, which have a circulation of approximately 80 million, are marketed under three of the industry's most recognized brands: AT&T Yellow Pages (formerly SBC Yellow Pages) in Illinois and northwest Indiana; Dex® Yellow Pages and EMBARQ Yellow Pages (TM) directories (formerly Sprint Yellow Pages ®). R.H. Donnelley's expanding presence on the Internet now includes the Best Red Yellow Pages ® brand at bestredyp.com ® in its EMBARQ Yellow Pages markets, in RHD's AT&T Yellow Pages markets at CHICAGOLANDYP.com and local search services through Dex at DexOnline.com ®.

Okay, I see said the blind man. Scary at first (the idea of Justin and Co. telling the YP people how to do things right) but then, maybe not. I thought he'd been telling them already for years. The kind of intellectual energy that built LL into what it is today is not likely IMHO to enjoy the ride sharing the cab with Dex and Company. At least not in the same threatening way (in my work, LL was only just starting to look like a competitive threat).

Well Done

to Jason & the crew. Exceptional result.

Congrats !!

Kudos to Jason and Crew! From speed post tracking.

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