Matt takes out Brits


It seems that Mr Cutts has been busy defeating a very British style of Spam according to SEOIdiot.

The SEO Idiot Blog shows the super hero defeating some well known Brits at their day jobs. I wonder who they could be.......


I like it, very good!

I like it, very good!

>> I wonder who they could

>> I wonder who they could be.......

I dunno... but you don't sit anywhere near Earl :D

I've always wanted.. be a cartoon action hero ;)

Great job

Especially that bit about "link juice everywhere!" :)

And Just For You - UK Xenophobic Luncheon Meat

Collectors SPAMĀ®

THE makers of Spam in the United Kingdom are poking fun at themselves by launching a "collector's edition" flavor, Stinky French Garlic, to coincide with the London opening of the Monty Python musical "Spamalot" this month.

Hormel Inc. hopes the flavor will become its best-selling Spam product in Britain by the time the show opens Sept. 30 at the Palace Theatre.

.... 'THE makers of Spam in the United Kingdom' - who resembles that remark?

Charlotte, NC Spam

..... I'm going to an official Spamalot PR stunt tomorrow in Charlotte - BofA building.

There are "special spam prizes" to be won - being a vegan (not a boring bastard though) I will keep it merely for show and as a trophy of my silliness.

I am going dressed up as the guy in Brian that is hung upside down in a cell - and I shall being yelling "You bastards - you lucky, lucky bastards"

I doubt that I will gain any Internet Marketing credibility but will plug my iPod DJ rental systems though.....

Well that was just a hoot.

Well that was just a hoot. :) Who do I tackle next? :)

captain usa


(who can guess my subject line reference hint: its a movie)

My site

.... with a backlink please Mr. Cutts - feel free to tackle that anytime ;)


I'm A Brit too so tackle away

----- even though I live here


Thanks everyone.....

Thanks for all the comments ..... I know Jason and Earl are a few hundred miles apart but they seemed the ideal candidates..

Any suggestions for version 2?

very nice

Enjoyed it and look forward to more. Link love will follow.

I lke the idea of...

DaveN as the arch villain - reappearing every few issues. To be pictured stroking a white cat and coming out with lines such as 'I'll be back'

He'll also need some

scary Black Spamonite* as the ultimate overkill weapon that makes even the hero tremble ...

And pleeze - do let the really good guys win at least on and off, ok? (You know who they are, heh.)

* Now let's see how long it takes for this page to rank for that term. :)

Dont forget

Matt's sidekick.


his cat?

Matts Sidekick......

for some reason I'm remembering that Fancy Dress episode of Only Fools & Horses .....

(sorry non brits - I cant find it online the best I can do is a pic)

I *totally* think Matt needs

I *totally* think Matt needs to show up to the next SES wearing tights.

The next episode?

How about you leave Google behind, learn to fly jets, lose your best buddy in a freak accident, face your fears, get the girl and win the day?

Next episode

Well I dont know..... i already have a rough sketch of DaveN sitting in his hollowed out volcano in Ripon stroking a cat.....

The volcano just up the road

The volcano just up the road from the top secret submarine pens in Harrogate? I had no idea that was hollow ...


... Del Boy, Rodders and Boycie my favorite car dealer in Peckham!

Cool pic

Chelsea ex pat

My Adsense account has just been banned

My Adsense account was banned just hours after this toon appeared on Threadwatch for Invalid clicks.... I have lodged an appeal and if this is unsuccesful the toon may take a slightly darker path.... im NOT a happy camper... i have never clicked my own ads and never would

I have provided log info to support my appeal and im now getting VERY VERY VERY drunk...


That's Standard Operating Procedure for G it seems, SEOidiot. Do the work of providing the evidence, begging for consideration, and waiting, and if they feel like it they will re-instate your account. Some have even suggested that these days you email the AdSense team any time you're thinking you might get traffic, so they can adjust your Smart Pricing...err... prepare the click fraud filters in advance.


Sure wish you all the best success on this one - looks like a pretty weird coincidence of events, what with even Matt displaying his amusement here, and now: this! What a bummer.

Its irritating rather than terminal

Thanks Fantomaster... Its an irritation that you have to prove you didnt rather than they prove you did..... The biggest problem is the money in that account - and the hassle of having to switch rev streams on erm.. lots of sites....

New cartoon

Anyone who may have wondered what i looked like when 'that' email arrived should visit my blog

Adsense banning

Yeah, I like how they keep all the money in the account when they ban. I've got a friend I help out a bit with SEO, he's an old retired guy with a hobby site. His site makes the national newspaper one day, his clicks skyrocket, he gets banned and they keep the cash. Nice one. He admitted that he'd clicked on a couple ads simply because he didn't know any better and was actually interested in the products advertised. He apologized, it was only a couple ads, but no go. With all their click fraud technology it's kind of funny how when they banned the account they kept all the money - from both his one or two invalid clicks and the hundreds of dollars of valid clicks that came in from the national exposure.

When Google takes valid money from retired people with nothing but good intentions running hobby sites - well, you don't see me running that crap on any of my sites. You think they returned all that money to advertisers? No way they did. They're lining their pockets on the backs of people like this.

Well im confused about it all

I have NEVER clicked on my ads...

TBH my volume of clicks would not have spiked just from a mention on threadwatch (Sorry threadwatch) as I have erm... lots of sites

I think its someone who decided just to click for the fun of it


Ok appeal denied as expected .... now venting spleen on my blog ......

continued in another thread

continued in another thread

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