Google to offer SEO classes - for 30 bucks


It appears that Google will be offering SEO Classes ... uhhhh.... I can't wait to see comments...

Understanding search engines and search engine results (25 minutes)
Building crawlable, indexable, and well-ranked sites (45 minutes)
Tools, tricks and troubleshooting (35 minutes)
Break (10 minutes)
Webspam --what it is, how to avoid it, how to report it, etc. (10 minutes)
Live site evaluations (45 minutes)
Questions & Answers (45 minutes)


Well ...

at Catholic University, humph. And for $30, too - do they need some charity writeoffs?

What are you up to, now, Matt - pimping for the Pope?

and I thought I blocked

and I thought I blocked posts from that Adam guy.

G-Men Only

I think Adam is teaching the class and he posted somewhere over on WMW that it's really basic stuff and SEO's shouldn't try to go as they would get very little out of it.

He said the class was going

He said the class was going to focus mainly on accessibility for people who handle Web design for the government, I believe.

It would be nice if Ask, Google, MSN, and Yahoo! would get together and create an SEO certification standard.

More info

More info here:
It's an intro-level class for webmasters for the government.

Good idea

and a step in the right direction.

Maybe I should attend for the networking possibilities :). Y'know, squeeze out some .gov links.

That's great!

The more people who can learn those things, the better!

uh oh

Teaming up with big brother ;)

> attend for the networking possibilities

i believe the technical term for a room full of .gov webmasters just starting to learn about SEO is "a target-rich environment"....

Just two things for this morning...

1) A new slogan for Threadwatch:
"All the SEO geek news that's fit to print... one week late"

2) And a big warm bear hug for my BBF John :) {{{{{{{}}}}}}}.

Looks like Rand started something..

BBF = Big Beautiful Friend

Maybe we should start a plentyofseos matching site....

This bothers me and little

This bothers me and little ever bothers me, if you play in the educational or environmental areas and are not a spammer just one optimized page on .GOV will outrank your entire site, that is a fact!

Where is our SEO Seminar Google? We made you who you are today remember us? :(

Gotta start somewhere

Dude, do I have to chase you around the Web? :-)

I just replied to your similar note on your blog:

Sorry Adam, I now hang in

Sorry Adam, I now hang in the "cool" places like Threadwatch and SEOMoz cuz my blog has become a ghost town. :)

Now that some of us have practically endorsed

yet another Goo enterprise (The Gseo Seminar Circuit, or something), they'll have to think up some new tech for interrupting the event with truckloads of context relevant AdWords, I guess.

Personally, I think this is a bit like soliciting the IRS's advice on your tax minimization strategies ...

Adam Practicing Jedi Mind Tricks


At the risk of cutting off

At the risk of cutting off any remaining chances of making friends among the 508-loving .gov webmaster set (as if I hadn't done that already), I'm glad to see someone from Google spending the time at their podium. I am quite sure (been there before) it will be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Good luck getting a word in edgewise after the first 10 minutes, Adam. They aren't exactly enamored with the commercial entities, don't exactly consider competition to be a healthy thing, and will most likely be well prepared to impress each other with their questions.

Bob who?


Bob Keating?

Is that the same one that started the ODP, or some other Bob Keating?

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