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we have been mashing some stuff together : www.zippy.co.uk

try this Threadwatch.org click the little orange information button or the little Icon by the pages..

anyway not finished .. so it's a little slow :) and anything I should add



Very nice Dave. I'd add some

Very nice Dave.

I'd add some definitions next to the summaries - e.g. what Dir links in Yahoo means.

Neat one!

Very nifty - keep it up! :)

yer it's still getting built

we will be able to do a search and export all the data for the top10 or IP address
it will archieve the data as well if i ever get user account set up, and you will be able to tacker you own keyword lists

hmmm forgot

should I do adwords data keyword and site

Like it

Looks good, works well, very intuitive - good stuff.

Where does the "Sites on IP" come from - I ask cos for my server it is waaaay out

re: Adwords, do you mean bidding based on the meta: keywords tag, or based on density, or something else?

Clean, Fast. Clever.

Well done!

careful what you search for...

I zippy'd myself and Dave IM'd me about a minute later :P

Very informative D

Big D = GoogleV2 now I'm not sure if I should be afraid ;)

Any chance of adding Ask?

Nice. Even the colour scheme is impressive!

Any chance of adding Ask to complete the big 3/4? I can provide some documentation....

Damn, that's nice!

Damn, that's nice!


yer sure .. i had Ask but I was scraping the data .. which was not cool ;)

Pm me here and we can chat


I love the idea of

I love the idea of integrating AdWords data if it is easy...though I am not sure how easy that will be.

Very Slick!!

Very Slick!!

ask data

has been added .. should we do a a site v site comparison ?


Dave, I'd also add small thumbnails next to the results and let people see a bigger snapshot of the site when clicking them. Was going to do a similar one :)

Good job there Dave, looks

Good job there Dave, looks good.

You could use http://xml.teoma.com/ for Ask.



I don't think DaveN actually started this thread. The word 'fuck' is nowhere to be found in his post.

I'm concerned.

So, to whomever wrote this post, the results *are* very cool, though.

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