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Google added archives to their news search product, allowing you to search 200 years of news content.

They offer a timeline of events, link to related news articles, and link to related web search results near many of the news articles. Interesting to see how they extract what a news article is about.

According to an article by Chris Sherman

Google has no plans to become a content aggregator itself, or to even offer a streamlined payment system where you can use your Google account to pay for content, according to Google content partnerships director Jim Gerber. "At this point we are focusing on trying to make the content easily searchable and navigable," he said.

But then again Google was against advertising when they launched their original search product, and now they view ads as a type of information to be easily searchable and navigable. Will Google push for micropayments? Or will ads fuel everything?


Did Somebody forget a link?

Umm this seems painfully obvious to me and so user centric I am baffled why it's not there, but why isn't there a link to the archives when you do a news search [Threaadewatch]. I'd even say you might even be a good idea to link directly to the search including the most recently searched for term.


allowing you to search 200 years of news content.

Isn't that what they are trying to accomplish with the supplimental results? I know I get all nostalgic looking at my old pages that no longer exist or have changed dramatically in the last decade or so.

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