Google Apps for Your Domain: Sharing Information, But Not Revenue


Research Buzz notes that Google Apps for Your Domain now has a public signup page.

Here are some interesting quotes from the Terms of Service for Google Apps for Your Domain. The term Customer refers to the organization; the term End User refers to the organization's members using the service.

Both parties acknowledge that an End User is a customer of both Customer and Google. Information collected by Google may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Google or its agents maintain facilities. By using the Hosted Communication Services, Customer consents to any such transfer, processing and storage of information. Customer is solely responsible for monitoring, responding to, and otherwise processing emails sent to the "abuse" and "postmaster" aliases for Customer Domain Name(s); however, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Google may also monitor, respond to or otherwise process emails sent to such aliases for Customer Domain Name(s).

And also:

Customer agrees that any revenue generated by Google from the Ads or otherwise derived by Google from the Hosted Communication Services will be retained by Google and not be subject to any revenue sharing.


making money off the dumb

perhaps"dumb" is too strong a word. "uninformed" might be more appropriate. imagine the average new-to-the-internets business owner who sees a quick, easy way to set up email, chat, etc. they'll take that bait in a heartbeat. they have no idea what data mining or revenue sharing are.

and they have no idea that schmidt is sitting quietly in the background, smiling, tenting his fingers, and saying "exxxxcellent...."

imagine using this service,

imagine using this service, and then a competing business starts running ads targeted around your brand aiming to hire away your workers.

dumb would be the appropriate word.

Revenue Sharing

Well if they shared the revenue with you it would seem to leave a big opening for click fraud. Just have fake employee 1 send fake employee 2 some email about keep the CTR low and no need to worry about using proxy servers or different IP's if you keep your cookies clean.

i actually love this idea,

i actually love this idea, although i would prefer to see revenue sharing, and think it would be a big hit if there was rev share. there is of course the click fraud issue, but IMO they should find another way to price ads and share revenue accordingly. i think if someone comes along and puts togehter a similar offering, which a number of companies are positioned to do, and is able to share revenue in a way that is not conducive to fraud, it would be a huge hit.


SCIENCE has already said that clickfraud doesn't exist.

what are you worrying about?

>>what are you worrying about?

Hhmmm was that sarcasm?

I have somewhat of a history with this report and can tell you that Dr. Tuzhilin's report says that Google is simply making a reasonable effort to address click fraud. It was not the purpose of this report to prove click fraud exists (as invalid clicks as Google would have it), it takes the existence of click fraud for granted.

If it's data they're after

then it will obviously be used (read: monetized) in some way or another further down the road. (Goo competing with Nexus-Lexus, perhaps? Quite conceivable.)

So how about improving your (or even: some non-existent foreign) corp's credit rating and turnover and profit quotes by feeding them fingered data big time?

>>what are you worrying

>>what are you worrying about?

IMO the problem isnt with the evilness of click fraud, the problem is with the limitations of cpc ad pricing. i was using click fraud as shorthand for that, because their essentially the same, aside from the fact that one term focuses on projecting guilt and evil while the other looks for the truth. i dont blame google for click fraud, as i dont blame them for hte limitations of cpc ad pricing. but perhaps they should consider exploring alternatives, since clearly, cpc ad pricing does have limitations.

most importantly, though, it doesnt matter, just incentive for someone to come along and fix the problem. it can be google, or anyone else.

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