Are We Closing In on the End of Mass Marketed Paid Media?


Consider the following:

YouTube working on a deal to give music videos on its site
SpiralFrog inks a deal to give away free downloads of Universal Music's catalog
Microsoft and EMI agree to preload Microsoft Zune with music videos

Based on that, are we closing in on -- or are we in -- the era of free, ad-supported media?

Or will these deals even work? Is this exclusive to mass-marketed music? Can the ad networks make this happen, and if so, what do publishers need to bear in mind to make it work?


No, dogged attempt to defeat P2P

What do YouTube, ITunes and GOOG Video all have in common that seemingly encourages huge multinational corporations to cooperate with them?


Control over what you can cannot do with said material is what they *claim* they are interested, but in reality, it is more of what They are afraid you can do with the Medium in and of itself.

Imagine some one invents a wholly disruptive, yet totally peaceful new governmental system. One that makes the last most successful disruptive movement (American bicameral Constitutional republics) look very inefficient or even 'unfree'.

Or, imagine there is some damning evidence, such as Iraq masscres, that the government does not want out. Or pretend some one hacks OSX and presents an X86 version for free on a youtube-like system. Or just pretend that protestors want to get together via Google Groups to coordinate their efforts ...

Or what if a new form of Christianity, one that promotes -- ala Christ's "turn the other cheek" -- pacificism even in the face of sacrifice, and seeks to enlighten every one and .. .what's worse, has had somewhat considerable affect in already awakening hte population to the nation's record of torture, execution, secret imprisonment, rigged elections, and how it bends over backwards to help corporations, and vice versa (true fascism).

Now replace "Christian" with "Falun Gong" and replace "Google Groups" with "distributed and private P2P network" (of which, only a very few handful qualify, one of htem being mine), and replace "United States" with China, for while every single one of the above dastardly characteristics have been exposed to occur in the U.S., I am unaware of a single religious group that is so dedicated to government reform / replacement and pacificism as Falun Gong.

YouTube and ITunes are very medium-specific: Only audio+visual. And all mostly heirarchical... you upload your thing to a huge server where millions can download; but that's the same as cable. Also, each service *is* actively censored in china *and* the United States (instead of sedition, we prefer copyright infringement).

The end result is that the very ability for Falun Gong to practice their religion of peace with like-minded individuals is greatly excelerated by anti-tyranny tools such as highly-distributed, private, indpendent, inter-communicating server-based P2P programs. You need interrelated, private servers otherwise on things like Gnutella, it becomes far too easy to spy on every one all at once. You need distribution or content is too easy to control.

There is a war for your mind; you just haven't realized this because up till now you have been able to live without a real need for having empathy for other (billions) souls who live under *overtly* repressive regimes.

A great many of us are like the proverbial hamster, spinning on his wheel all day. Sure, I can leave; any time I want... but I just love this personal gym! So caught up in our delusions, we don't realize the assault on our very freedom when it's staring us in the face.

And conveniently, every one collectively labels people like me as "conspiracy theorists", "paranoid", whatever, even though unless we're in the global elite, our freedoms have significantly deteriorated compared to our grand parents... but like the hamster, we never test the waters and happily exercise in our hamster wheel.

Yes. Unmonitorable, uncensorable, distributed peering systems allow terrorists to pass on bomb plans and even collaborate (but they do this via encrypted EBay pics already, supposedly); yes, p2p allows child pron to get through (but this happens on WWW and Usenet as well); yes, it is *scary* to think of a world where *anyone* can distribute *any digital content* to potentially *every*one* for *virtually*free*.

But what would you rather have? A world where every one can say any thing without fear of persecution? Or a world where major corporations and governments can rip out your vocal cords and make you feel lucky you weren't sodomized and killed in government camps? Because really, those are the two dialectics. Either people can talk and governments are afraid, or government tramples you.

Look. Unless you are also afraid of dying from lightning, you really shouldn't be worried about terrorism; it's just the odds. What we are most concerned of by the prospect of unlimited and free reach to every one are a) how bad we are as a culture (the fear of child molestors) and b) how much we benefit by people opressing billions in our names. And B) is the only food source for terrorism.

hopeseeker...'ve been a member for about 26 weeks. It looks like you spend 25 of them writing that (long) post!! ;)


Are we in -- the era of free, ad-supported media?

That's rhetorical..right?

(and nothing is free)

um hopeseeker...

So hopeseeker, does this mean all those videos on youtube of kids lip-syncing songs are repressing me? Because if that is what you are saying, i am so with you! Lets fight the man together!

A to the first post, no. And has anyone else really looked at the SpiralFrog DRM? I don't think users are going to be too happy.

"There is a war for your mind"

and it's been going on for centuries if not longer, indeed.

While I'm not sure about promoting uninhibited distribution of ANY digital content because it's entirely parasitical on those who actually create stuff by their own wits instead of merely lip-syncing others' inventiveness, killing all incentive except perhaps for those who may nurture their exhibitionist agendas nevetheless, you're quite right IMV that distribution is the key to liberation from censorship and repression by the powers that be.

Of course, one major effect of information overload is, of course, people losing track of whatever may have made them tick in the first place. Interchangeable non-binding superceding all and any type of dedicated commitment being a case in point.

And boy, doesn't the concept of "free, ad-supported media" remind one of the dotcom bubble! If anything, it reeks of yet another rehashed fad, and quite as doomed ...

Straight from "Marketing Warfare" Fantomaster?

Marketing battles are fought inside the mind. Inside your own mind and inside the mind of your prospects every day of the week. The mind is the battleground. A terrain that is tricky and difficult to understand. The entire battleground is just 6 inches wide. This is where the marketing war takes place. You try to outmaneuver and out fight your competitors on a mental mountain about the size of a canteloupe.

A marketing war is a totally intellectual war with a battleground that no one has ever seen. It can only be imagined in the mind, which makes marketing warfare one of the most difficult disciplines to learn. of my favorites - gonna have to give that one a re-read again soon.

>ad supported
Yeah, don't forget tracking user data including conversion and other important metrics accross the board. "Free" is generally about a lot more than ads:)

Nice quote

though I'd submit that "marketing" is merely a subset of the overall battle for control of the few over the many.

And yes, data mining's all the new craze now, isn't it? High resolution personalized consumer profiles are even more lucrative than ad revenues by orders of magnitude.

But, political control aside, in the corporate space it's still all about advertising as an aid to marketing strategies - just what the dotcom bubble was focused on. No saying we'll see history repeat itself 1:1 on this score as it never really does, but all this does smack familiar enough to start giving you the creeps ...

easy peasy or no, it won't work.

Love the quote, Todd. Gotta get the book (or borrow).

As for music, these corporations are missing the point. The people want the music. They don't care at all about this stuff... they just want the music. Whomever finally gives them the music will win.

I doubt very much anyone will read the DRM eula stuff.... so if it doesn't get in their way it'll be fine. If it does, it won't work. Simple, really. Some ads are ok (fm radio). When they get in the way of enjoying the music, it fails (fm radio). Anybody try and watch the little league world series this year? I'm guessing 35% of the screen real estate was taken up by "information" overlaid on the picture. I could barely watch the game, so I stopped watching.

And that's where the marketing warfare comes in (mindshare management). I am a lost customer, but if the rest of you citizens get used to the distractions and accept them, they can retain 80% of the viewers and replace those "information" boxes with ads. Nobody cares about me...or EULA's not worth caring.

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