Is SEO a Dying Profession?

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Death of SEO?
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Aaron Wall of threadlinked above points to a post by renagade moderator Sebastian over at SEW that states that SEM companies will be dropping like flies in 2005.

I tend to agree with Sebastian and Aaron seems to agree in part:

General broad SEO services for some random set fee to tons of clients will be a business model that provides less and less value as time passes and search advances.

Which is pretty much where I stand. Many SEO outfits will drop im thinking. It will be dinasoars that can't/wont move with the times and a large number of "the kiddies" - those seo's fresh out of school that have thrown up a website claiming seo-expertise.. (the ones that litter the forums with google-worshipping noise).

Good ridance.

Aaron goes on to point out that niche SEO and highly specific SEO services will always have a place as long as search dominates the way we find information - arguably that day may come to an end, but not for a few years yet i reckon.

For those willing to hustle and adapt rapidly, i'd say the future is bright whatever the search engines throw at us next year. For the incompetent or decrepit, it's game over...

Thoughts from TW boys and girls on the state of SEO in 2005?


The world is coming to an end

There have always been people in this industry - and any other I guess, that will constantly predict that all good will come to an end ... very soon.

Some day they may be right but in the meantime I am not going to waste my time on that but instead enjoy the growing business.

We are all going to die but I am not going to sit down and wait for it!

I stopped 12 months ago ;)

the last clients I took on was around this time last year... ( yes I have clients lol ) I felt that to many seo clients in COMPETITIVE areas becomes too time consuming and the clients lose out, to date I have never had a client walk away from me YET !!.. but have fired a few.

Prediction 2005 small SEO's getting bought up to be used in-house has part of the marketing department...

new style SEM's handling Programming, Design, SEO, PPC, News feeds, RSS, Traffic Sites etc ... the one stop shop


How about SEO aggregation?

This is interesting: iProspect acquired by Isobar

I think most SEOs that are any good are tenacious and also adaptable as is required to succeed in this game. Those that drop because of search engines tightening things up would probably fall anyway. IMO

The second division players are already being shown up

And as the engines get more sophisticated this will continue to happen.

The better SEOs who also good businessmen will survive and prosper.

Rankings alone won't cut it

As customers become a little more sophisticated, I don't think you'll see as many happy to accept top rankings on guinea pig SEO phrases as proof of a job well done. They want more sales.

Wheras for a while you were doing great as an SEO if you delivered rankings alone, it's moving into an area where traffic and conversions are also being considered in the overall search marketing package.

Those who understand algos but not marketing will have a harder time keeping clients, IMO.

I agree

Put personalization into that Scottie and sooo much more will be needed to get sales...

If that comes into play, being no.1 could be meaningless unless you somehow work out how to be no.1 for everyone..

Certainly nothing new

This has been going on for years. SEOs come and go like the wind! The comments above have always been true. The adaptable ones survive (survival of the fittest!) and the ones who look at the website as a whole.

I remember when AV removed all the WPG pages from their index many years ago. That alone put tons of "SEOs" out of business! Then when Google started PR0'ing for awhile for cross linking and stuff, that put a whole bunch more out of business.

Now that Google seems to love spam, many are back in the game!

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