Is Google Evil?


Lauded for such things as continued improvement to its search service and for refusing to hand over records of consumer searches to the U.S. government, Google also has been criticized for such things as censuring its service in China and for digitizing copies of books online.

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Founders Note:
I think this is worth a read, it sort of shows both sides of the story, from fighting the US on handing over records to censoring information to China.. It's well worth the few minutes to read the article.


Nothing New Here

I read it, same old rehashed drivel regurgitated and spun one more time.

Comparing the US request for records vs. the Chinese censorship is just silly as it's apples and oranges. One just wants to control information from getting to the people and the other wants to know what information the people are getting in the first place.

Which do you think is worse?

Think about it in that context as at least Chinese censorship is straightforward, above board, you know they're blocking things.

With the US request it's a pure fishing expedition and we have no clue what the fallout will be from their "research" of our search requests.

I think Google did the right thing in both instances.

Now back to beating your dead horse...

If we are going to this debate...

.. we need to look at the following

1. power corrupts

2. ultimate power corrupts absolutely

3. information is power

4. Google intends to collate all the worlds information.



google is evil

google is evil

google isn't evil

link bait and take back in one post.

Is Friday over yet? :)

Is Friday over yet? :)'s over for me

EDT; 12:32am here and sent off my last email..ugh... It's Saturday now and I welcome it....

Oh...was there a Google is evil post? Sorry... guess I missed one. There should be another one out next week. I am sure I can catch up then...

yeesshh ... isn't it just a sign of success?

Is Friday over yet? :)


Friday has been over for me for sometime now. However, it seems that you and some of the folks here are still living in yesterday :-)


Google is a business with shareholders to whom it is accountable.
Is Google evil?
Depends where you're standing.

I don't think Google is

I don't think Google is evil, as much as somewhat naive.

On the one hand, they want to be able to process as much information as possible, to present genuinely interesting and useful data from it.

However, the naivety I think is in their believing that issues such as privacy and copyright protections exist as subservient concerns to the overall data processing plan.

In other words, so long as Google believes it is doing "the right thing", then it "must" be doing the right thing - and all other opinions are secondary.

2c to show I'm not a total Googlephobe, as some posts may suggest. :)


yes they are. for the love of money is the root of all evil...

Not the three beer question

Of course Google is evil. And of course spammers, and everyone trying to manipulate search results away from innocent truth to their own ends, are also evil. Can't get much of a conversation going at the local bar on those questions.

But who is more evil? Are the spammers more evil because they run doorway pages and fill up blog comment files with viagra site URLs? Or are they less evil because they force Google and Yahoo and MSN onward toward more sophisticated and reliable algorithms? Are webmasters and SEOs evil when they manipulate their sites to fool Google, or is Google evil when it loads the algorithms against the new and little sites and pours all its love on the establishment sites and the homepages of the megabucks multinational corporations? Are the folks putting up scraper sites with AdSense on them evil for coming up with the idea, or is Google more evil for keeping those Adsense accounts alive and for ranking those sites at the top of the SERPS, leaving customers to click, click, click to Google's profit on those ads just to get out of those sites?

That's a debate that could take you through a few beers, now.

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