Levi's Thinks Google Checkout is Pure Pants


MarketWatch reported that Levi.com dumped Google Checkout.

The Checkout feature was pulled from www.levi.com just a few days after Levi Strauss & Co. encountered a "particular issue" with it, said Steve Davis, senior vice president of partners for GSI Commerce, Inc., the King of Prussia, Penn.-based firm that Levi Strauss & Co. used to integrate Checkout.

Was the fake mass Google Checkout uptake part of a scheme to overshadow problems with Google Checkout? Is there something fishy with Checkout? Or why are Google's insiders rating the stock a strong sell?


The power of a the title

dude that is an excellent title ...

Checkout is Garbage

Google checkout just sucks, that's why they dropped it. First, it takes days for transactions to get authorized on top of the fact that they are declining too many valid purchases. Repeat customers of retailers who use Google Checkout are being rejected when they've made purchases with no problems for years.

Thats MY money Fool!

Any bozo can sign up and start tapping CCs with adsense but don't mess with G$$Gs cash, I guess fraud isn't self correcting after all. So much for googonomics.

Time to Short Again?


I've only shorted GOOG 2x time in the last year-to-date. COsts a hell of a lot too, but the first time, made back 25% of that value in a month. Every single time Goog gets 400+ you should short. I dont know why, but the friggin insiders go *nuts* and that alone drops the stock. I've never seen it go over 400 for more than 30 days, and it normally hits 400 right before put options go into effect and goes under right before they expire.

I mean, look ... Put options go into effect and die the fridays closest to the 16th of every month. Each last 30 days. just look at these "coincidences":

  • January 13, 466.25
  • February 15, 342.25
  • [i was so happy :-)

  • April 14, 402.16
  • May 16, 376.20
  • [happy again]

  • July 17, 407.89
  • August 17, 385.80

And look how *empty* the options are!! http://www.marketwatch.com/tools/quotes/options1.asp?symb=GOOG That's easily 4x more populated... a great many puts people met their strike or more today.

Wouldnt it be something if the reason GOOG's puts were *so* active is because the execs are secretly putting against their own company? It would explain why they would get so frenetic about selling thier stocks when it reached 400 :-) If I had billions, I could afford to hire a thousand flunkies, hand them $40,000 in cash and say "you get to keep 10%". And options aren't nearly as regulated as stock trades (such as the buyers of the 9/11 puts on airliners have never been identified).

Note for the neophyte: many of the GOOG calls (betting stock will go higher) are EXPENSIVE ... roughly 14 times more expensive than the most safe puts (like, that GOOG will decrease by a $1 within 30 days from when you buy your contract). Right now, the "safest" put is at a $0.45 bid, putting a 100 contract at $45 (plus the 100 * goog share price). A google call costs $6.20 per contract, or $620. That means, when GOOG tanks, a *LOT* more money is lost by those who have calls out. And bids for puts are so cheap because so few people are making them comparatively.

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