Ebookers admits Google listing difficulties

Online travel agent Ebookers has admitted to “big problems” with its search engine optimisation on the Google platform.

The acknowledgment came this week after it emerged the Travelport-owned site could not be found in Google’s natural search listings until at least the second page of results – a major issue in an already highly competitive market for OTAs.

Looks like they have been trying

Me thinks they need some advice :-)


Ouch for them. Where did

Ouch for them. Where did that quote come from UKGimp?

oops. what a dolt I

oops. what a dolt I am:


Their "cloaking" is at the root of this me thinks

same IP address?

Head of e-marketing Saurabh Kumar told Travolution the issue had been created by using the same IP address for all Ebookers sites – such as dot-com, dot-it and dot-fr.

Yeah, that's it...

I don't know how to say this...

There are multiple problems with that site (cloaking, etc).

for example, large parts of their site is just one huge 302 redirect.

I can tell they did their SEO inhouse. The entire site is a mess on multiple levels.

That reminds me

I can tell they did their SEO inhouse. The entire site is a mess on multiple levels.

Like dying your own hair 'inhouse'? (with the same general outcome)

it is back

looks like the IP address issue has been resolved... and the website is back..


The site may be back in the index, but it is nowhere to be seen at this time in any compeditive search for their targeted keywords.



You can be in the index and still not be 'listed' for your keywords. No one looking for 'cheap flights' or 'travel discounts' is going to find this site in google.

These guys need some serious SEO help... I wonder if they are willing to pay for it?

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