ET Uses Firefox


A strange and mysterious crop circle has appeared in the shape of the firefox logo, so has ET joined the switch to Firefox? Full Story (Pic after the jump)

Two takeaways, passionate consumers of your product can be your best evangelists, thinking outside of the box can definitely get you some viral link love.



I would not spend all night stompin on a board to make a crop circle in order to get backlinks. Nope. Not me. I guess I'm funny that way.

Link love

I'm pretty sure they got a lot of links.good idea.

My father would have

My father would have someone's throat if they did that to his field. Hope they asked permission first.

Permission granted

Yup, the article says that they got permission from the owners of an unharvested field of oats. No throat wringing necessary.

Now we just need to get a bunch of us together with a couple kegs and a helicopter and have a go at the Threadwatch bullseye :-)

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