Optilink SEO Videos by Subscription.


Leslie Rohde, he of Optilink, has come up with

SEO Videos by subscription. It's not cheap at $79 a month to subscribe, but as we are all aware, you can make a lot of money from even the odd one or two new ideas.

I have no vested interest in this, I don't personally know Leslie, and I have paid in full for the software! As an Optilink purchaser I got an email from Leslie about the videos.

Many readers of TW use Optilink, so you need not be concerned that it is a scam. I guess the value for money in subscribing depends on what your level of expertise is in SEO, and whether you feel you are likely to get any nuggets from them.

Being a sucker for gizmos, I have taken out a subscription. The two videos that I have looked at cover the Google PR algo and the "home page" dilemma. I felt that they represented value for money and covered their subjects in depth. Much was known to me, but there was enough there to make the subscription worthwhile.

Anyone else signed up and have a view either for or against the videos?


srsly omg

there may be good info, but I saw one class="hilight" and closed the window

I'd think the worst group to possily go Rudl on would be seo's.

>go Rudl

>go Rudl

The Internet Marketing Center now has an SEO mentor program marketingtips.com/search-engine
although I would expect the stuff from Leslie is likely of higher quality than the stuff from a company trying to swing at so many markets like IMC.

Worth Every Penny

Bottom line ... I have made so much money off of Leslie Rohde's services, the video purchase was a no brainer.

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