Introduce Yourself Part 2

Following on from Jeremy Goodrich's introduce yourself thread it gives me great pleasure to have to lock that thread a start a new one :-) It's just gotten to big now. Hooray!

So, go ahead, introduce yourself, tell us what you do and feel free to drop a link to your company site but dont go mad on self promo please...



I've been lurking and checking the RSS feed for a while so thought it was time to post here.

I'm based in Reading, UK - I've been a part-time SEO/webmaster for about 18 months and am trying to build up a few sites to enable me to go full time.

Thanks Nick for providing such a timesaving resource.


Blame JasonD!

Just arrived... I did wipe my feet before I came in ;)

Thanks to Jason I've found another great place to hang out - when will I ever get any work done?

I look forward to participating.



Hi, I'm another Paul (there's a lot of us about.) I'm based in Brighton, UK.

I've been making websites for just over nine years, on and off with some other jobs inbetween.

Currently I'm a freelance developer and SEO, doing mainly ColdFusion and PHP on the developer side, and CSS / linking / training / fixing pages / usability advice on the SEO side. A while ago I wrote SpiderTest as an exercise in the technical side of SEO. I really need to make it's advice a bit more comprehensive, but I keep having too much work on, which is both a good and bad thing.

TW caught my eye as it keeps popping up in links from lots of the SEO places I look at and it seems a very good thing.

Have been lurking...

I've been lurking for a while, sent this way by Jason D. Thanks Jason!

I'm Jeff Hope, live an hour's drive north of Dallas, TX. 44 now, been working in computer-related fields, mostly in large corporations, since I was 19. PC hardware/software support, Wang & VAX system manager, network analyst/admin, IBM COBOL programmer, *nix & Windows server admin. On web since 1993, programming/design exclusively for the web since 1997. If forced I can painfully work with Perl, but much prefer PHP - user since PHP 3 beta, around 1998 I think. Big supporter of LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). To be honest, being a cynical old guy now, I no longer enjoy programming for the mind-challenge - it's just a tool to get done what I need to get done.

Affiliate marketing since 1998, released two software products last year. Have had hosting/design/programming clients since 1998, but since March have "fired" all except one (I'm contractually obligated until Sep. 2005 & they won't go away voluntarily). Self-employed and totally working for my own benefit these days, with occasional special projects and JV-style arrangements thrown in.

Thanks, I really enjoy TW!


Hi, I'm Paul

Hey, I'm Paul. I'm a law and politics student in Edinburgh (Scotland) at the moment and was previously involved in seo for clients. I saw the light and have now cut out the clients part. Working towards a mountain retreat in the Alps where I can snowboard, cook and drink. This is a great site which helps greatly in reducing the time necessary to keep up to date without wading through much of the mountains of crap which litter the many forums - thanks.

They call me Buddha

I heard about this blog from Todd and I read it often now. I like it cuz there's no BS and high quality posts/commentary. I'm not much of a poster, but I am very involved in SEO for my company. I'm from Los Angeles and would like to meet some local SEO's for drinks. Cheers!


Well, I'm a bit of a long time lurker in most places. Good to have somewhere that seems to avoid the politics of the forums, not to mention a one stop shop for quality threads and comment!

Based in Herts, UK, I've been in web development for 5 years and SEO for 2.5 years.


Been posting here a bit.

Enjoying this forum as I can just say controversial things for fun, normally posts get pulled elsewhere.

Hello all.

Cheers Nick



I've followed some of the conversations on Threadwatch off and on for a while now. It was only recently that the CES thread prompted me to register.

Anyway, a little bit about me. I'm Jason Joyce, a technology journalist covering PC peripherals for in addition to some freelance work on the side. was my introduction to the SEO world, and I have to admit I'd be more than happy to go back to the days of not having to worry about my writing being optimized for search, but since it has to be done...

Late to say hello

I joined about a month ago, but never got around to saying hello. I'm qwerty, also known as Bob Gladstein. I've been an SEO for 4 or 5 years, but only two years as a full-time freelance consultant.

Let's see... I live just outside Boston, but I'm originally from that big scary place a few hundred km to the southwest. I'm a mod on a couple of forums (one of which is a fave of many of the members here) but I'm actually a generally pleasant person. Generally.


Welcome to TW netesq, good to see you here :)

and hi to the others that have signed in, if you've not done so already, please do!


NetEsq - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Well, the man anyway. I stumbled upon a reference to my byline posted by MrMackin, so I thought I'd stop by to see why my name was invoked. I am an Internet consultant who specializes in working with attorneys, and I have also worked with a wide variety of large scale content collaboration projects, including ODP and the long since dormant Project Napa. For more information about me, please see my blog or my resume.

GerBot has entered the website

GerBot here (Gerard)
just found out about this place and I'm excited to be joining.
I work in SEM, SEO and affiliate marketing.
My experience ranges from fortune 10 SEM to SEO "button pushing".

I hope to get to know some of you over time.

Hey Pageoneresults

I know you from two forums. Obviously WW, but how about the PR8 OutFront?

Great site. I wondered where all the talent went.

Nick, thanks for putting this site together. It is desperately needed.

Anyhow, I from Chicago, but now living in Lincoln, Nebraska. (parents getting older so I moved). I am trying to retire early like DG - so I have several projects in the fire! I have two of my own products that I am trying to push online and several ecommerce and Adsense sites supported by a network funded by Google. Self employeed for 7 years except for brief period (10 months) of employment.

I see many familiar nicks - feels cozy.

Hello, my name is Edward Lewi

Hello, my name is Edward Lewis and I'm a threadwatcholic. I do believe that I caught Nick right after he launched. What an excellent resource, eh? See, I'm even picking up on his lingo. :)

Started SEO in 1996. Been hanging around the forums for years and have always posted under pageoneresults. I do believe most probably know me. I want to retire too!

Alden DoRosario

Nick, Excellent site you have here. Thought I'd introduce myself -- I am Alden DoRosario, co-founder and CTO of Chitika, Inc.

Been in ad targeting for about 6 years now .. just released a service for monetizing blog traffic.

Best of luck with this, Nick. I notice that you have a solid community going here. Great job !

Hey There

I've been in lurk-mode for the past couple of weeks, but I've really been enjoying the discussion.

I am Managing Partner at Reprise Media, a New York City based SEM company. My colleagues and I have become somewhat obsessed with keeping up with all the great dialogue going on in the industry and have just launched our own search-marketing blog @ We plan on linking to Threadwatch quite a bit (including this morning) and participating in the conversation.

Hello All

Hello all. Got introduced by DougS & UKGimp. Like what I see so far. More quality, less dross.

Me? Been dabbling with Web since '92. Used to do SEO / PPC for clients before I realised that clients are assholes and there is more money to be made doing it for yourself. Main company activity now is managing decent portfolio of SEO sites, affiliate PPC & Lead Generation through SEO/PPC. (actually, you might want to scrub no. 2 after Google's Adwords announcement today!).

Looking forward to some interesting debate and exchange of ideas....

Kudos Nick

Great site. I've worked on SEO for a large site for the past 10 years. I have a new nick from a recent diagnosis- occupational hazard.

400th member

heh, welcome.

400 members? If I'm in the early 200s, thats a double of members in under six weeks -- thats pretty darn good, I wish some of my projects had faired that well :)

400th member ?

I just got a mail from Nick saying something about me being the 400th member here. Thought I'd drop a post. So heya, I'm jabba. I just recently developed an interest for SEO and traffic generation. I'm active mostly in the scripting and security scene but am always out to broaden my horizons. Cheers to the admin(s?) of threadwatch for offering a great site to do just that !


Glad to see you out of lurk mode DunkP :-)

Welcome to everyone that's joined recently, if you've not posted in this thread or the previous one then please do. It's so nice to see people in here and get an idea of what they do...


Been lurking here since Nick launched the site - got it in my RSS reader (good ol' Bloglines).

I've worked for one "normal" search engine then for a PPC, before that I studied Computer Science (and History, there's being multi-disciplined or you), know some HTML / CSS and work mainly as a SEM (so SEO and PPC). Started in search in 2000. Feels like it was a decade ago!

seoproz or bumbleb

Wow! What a great place...not sure how I stumbled on it, but it's my new, definitely "gotta check it everyday" site. I've been a member of WW since 2001 (never posted - lurk, lurk), but I was hoping for a place that had more professional focus, took less time to get thru the garbage, and a sense of fun/humor at the same time - Lord knows we need that in the SEO business.

I've been an SEO consultant since 2001 from Montana and I have a small, but handpicked client base. I'm looking at releasing some of my own products this year, instead of just promoting my clients' stuff.

Thanks, Nick, for finding me a home!

I'm Nick's wife, Ivana!

- and I'm busy taking care of newborn Robyn Sophia. I do read Threadwatch, but I will probably never post here.

I thought I'd sign up and wish you all a Happy New Year. Any way, I thought I'd use the Threadwatch PM to get Nick's attention, he never reads my email any more ;)

Often wondered

Often wondered what had happened to you, Laisha. Couldn't have guessed you'd left the game so completely. Not so surprising that its luring you back tho. SEO gets into your blood somehow.

So HERE'S where you're all hiding!

I was semi-retired, moved to northern Maine to raise my sister's son. Homeschooling took me pretty much out of the business. Now that my nephew is pronounced "cured," he's off to school, we started a local online newspaper and internet cafe. We're the only internet cafe around for more than 70 miles in any direction. I teach computer classes to the locals, but am slowly getting back to my real calling.

I am eternally grateful to Grnidone for pointing me here and to Shak for teaching me to pronounce "niche."

Nice place, Nick!


Hoping to kick it in soon grnidone! Time is not my friend right now after having relatives over for a few days heh...

Welcome to everyone that's posted in here since i last said hi, it's lovely to see the intro's and this is definately my favorite thread :-)

So, if you've not officially said hi, please do!

'Grnidone' = Green Eyed One...for those who didn't know

I haven't posted an introduction to myself, even though I've been here for some time. I'm kinda shy.

I've been in the SEO business for 6 years and the internet business for longer than that. My specialty is usability...and one of these days Nick will get around to implementing the usability study I did for him. *HA!*

I am also kicking this post to the top so my friend and second mom Michelle Anderson can find it and post here.

Good day all

Good day all, my name is Dennis Hettema and I'm the founder / CEO of
My company was discussed here which motivated me to sign up. I've been active in the Internet industry for about 8 years now, started a company that developed AI software in 99. The boom and crash were my university degree.
After the crash I've been responsible for building Holland's largest entrepreneurial network and founded OP3 almost two years ago. I'm native Dutch based in Sweden.

Hey Mr Mackin

Good to see ya!

> Lurking

Kind of true enough, MrM, in that I'd been posting and reading here for a fair while before finding my way around to introducing myself.

HI BK Never even considered

Never even considered that you were not lurking / posting here.


Wow, been hearing about ThreadWatch for months, never had the time to check it out, then I find out Nick is behind it. Then I see all the familiar names. Man I'm glad I've finally got some more free time.

Anyway, hello everyone. I'm the VP of R&D for Traffic Logic, now known as InfoSearch Media. Was independent for 4 years prior to that. Next year, I plan on retiring and doing nothing but taking care of my horses, cows, goats, donkeys, chickens and running a ranch for troubled teens.

Nice job on this site Nick.

Hey Nick, Just wanted to s

Hey Nick,

Just wanted to say hi the right way. I'm Shawn, and from Kinda funny, 3 months ago I didnt even know what Threadwatch was, now I can't go to any decent seo site and not hear about it! Good work Nick :)


I was referred over here from another thread after I posted my first comment today, though I've been reading for a while.

I'm a freelance web developer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I specialise in the application development side of building sites but I usually work by myself so often need a good overview of all aspects of our industry.

I'm originally from the UK and my first high profile project was the Drop The Debt website launched for the G8 summit in Okinawa in 2000, though I'd been working on the web for a few years by then.

My work site is at

Well, well, well, look what t

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Welcome, Ammon.

Black_Knight, BK, or Ammon

Whether known by my long-term nick, Black_Knight, or by my real name, I'm guessing I won't need to do too much of an introduction for most folks, 'specially as I recognise so many.

My first computer use was so long ago that our terminal used a phone-cradle modem to connect to the University's computer, and programs were made by blackening in little boxes on a sheet of paper, which was then sent off to be used as a template for making the punch cards...

Jarrod Hunt Into

Hey Guys, Nick,

Many Props to Nick for putting together Threadwatch. It has quickly become one of only a a few sites I have the time to visit on a daily basis.

I am the CEO/President of 360 Enterprises, Inc.

I have had my hands in many web projects since around 1997. As with most "web" people I started out in design and moved to hosting and then marketing. One of our more notable and public successes has been although we currently operate over 100 domains.

Our Current focus is on SEO, PPC Managment, and Lead Generation but we have dabbled in many different forms of Marketing and will continue to do so in the future.

We are always on the lookout for bright people, feel free to contact me if you are looking for work.

I look forward to reading and contributing to threadwatch on an ongoing basis.