Introduce Yourself Part 2

Following on from Jeremy Goodrich's introduce yourself thread it gives me great pleasure to have to lock that thread a start a new one :-) It's just gotten to big now. Hooray!

So, go ahead, introduce yourself, tell us what you do and feel free to drop a link to your company site but dont go mad on self promo please...


Closed thread - New one started

Well, the system's recent posts list buckles once we pass 90 messages, so it's time to start a new Introduction thread!

Please use the new thread to introduce yourself[/url]

Nerd from Iceland

I'm Hjalmar Gislason.

I found Threadwatch through some talk about my latest venture, the search engine It is a search engine that is based on human information gathered for a little over a year by the users of - an online bookmarking service that I founded and largely own.

I'm a computer geek since the age of six and have worked my entire carreer on projects that I have started myself - more about that and other things on my rarely-updated personal home page

Looking forward to participating here.

Hi, i'm claus

... and i'm from Denmark, Europe. Hi to all i know and all i don't know yet :)

Had to check out this group blog thingy (really interesting concept and it seems to work fine, kudos Nick W :) ... as well as make sure nobody else grabbed my nick *lol* I hope you can stand to see me at this place as well. Not sure if i'll be posting a lot here or less - time will show ;)

bj, the kickass gal here . . .

Zeldman and the Google autolink HOOPLAH brought me in, and now that I've surfed around a bit I think I've found a rather nice place to kick back. Thanks for that! And the comments about the whole autolinks thing-- lotsa brain power here, methinks. Cool beans.

FYI I do small business web design and SEO, in addition to running a part time vintage and collectibles business. My latest effort is which has been a blast and is almost complete. I have the dubious honor of designing sites for folks with almost no computer savvy, which makes my task SO much more interesting!

I'm based in the gorgeous Delaware Valley, not far from NYC and Philly, but worlds away in atmosphere. If you're in the neighborhood . . .

Hello from Australia

Hello all, I'm Alister. I'm a self-employed web developer, living in Australia.

My business website is My main contribution to technical communities is through my involvement with ASP.NET.

I always hated those "Hello My Name Is" tags, but.....

Hello, my name is martin (uboo is my teddy bear). :-) I have recently returned to the web design/SEO/SEM business after a 4 year absence. Lots of changes in that time.

I go back with computers to the early trash-80 days and no matter what I do, I always seem to be the "computer guy" (doesn't say much for some of my peers though).

I started a local computer repair and home tutoring business in 1997 and migrated through clients to an ISP client troubleshooter and then into webdesign and WebPositioning (as it was called then).

I think this is a great site! Good job Nick (and all the others)! I kept seeing TW as a source on several sites that I watch and finally gave it a look and subscribed to the RSS feed and have been moving it up the page until it's at the top!

PS. There isn't a preview feature, so do you just use the edit link, when you goof up?

Saying Hello

Some of you probably know me from my under-the-radar nick at WebmasterWorld, PatrickDeese. ;)

I live in Mexico where I operate some regional tourism sites, and do Adsense powered info sites on the side.

I also feel that it is important to mention that I hate Ask Jeeves.

Easy as Pie

Nick ... thanks for having this great site. I was only introduced to it today via email.

I'm the CEO of Rose Rock Design and my usual haunts are and

Just wanted to say hello

Well, I signed up because I keep seeing this site during my daily read of the latest news in the search market. I'm Joe Holcomb, SVP of Marketing at BlowSearch. Formerly with Kanoodle, I have also been a search engine marketer and web development professional since 1997, long before my time working at any engine.

Please feel free to stop by my Search Marketing and Web Development Weblog at: I think you'll find I'm pretty opinionated on what is going on in the search and web development market even though I work for an engine.

I try to keep my opinions and promotion of BlowSearch on my Blog separated from my other writing and I think I do a good job of that. You'll find "inside scoop" on happenings at BlowSearch under that category on my blog. No, it is not the "official" weblog of BlowSearch. But I do make announcements on our plans there.

Looking forward to participating here at ThreadWatch. If you're attending SES NY please stop by the BlowSearch booth and say hello!

In retrospect "yes" is a stup

In retrospect "yes" is a stupid choice of name. No? But, I'm too lazy to setup a new account so I'll live with it.

I've been lurking here for a few weeks and decided this a pretty good place. Particularly as I'm finding it increasingly time consuming to filter out the noise in other places I frequent. Nice job, Nick.

2much here...

Really love this board, happy to be here, kudos to Nick_W

Holy Crap this is too much to read

Ok - I am Chris. Some of you know me. I do "forced content delivery" (what some of you refer to as spamming). I don't post on boards as much as I used to, but still read every once in a while.

keep forgetting to post here

I think Nick has mentioned this thread at least twice now, hehe.

I am, and always will be jatar_k, I know a lot of you, have heard of a lot of you I don't know and have no clue who the rest of you are.

nice to meet everyone and I am trying I find more time to read and post.

so many forums, so little time ;)

Hello everybody

I have been working in the internet marketing biz for about a year and a half now. I learn something new each day and hopefully pass that along to others. Unless i learn something really good then i horde it for a month or two lol. I love forums like this and from the looks of it I will be coming back on a daily basis.


Welcome in all

Welcome in Thaya, and everyone that's signed into TW since i last posted here - nice to see this thread getting close to the point where i'll have to shut it off and start "part 3" heh..

Thaya, you have mail - check your pm box just under the logo on the left :-)

I am not blogohalic


I am very much new to blogging even to the word "blog." I am a software and design engineer from USA. I love to read peoples comments and responses. Usually I am out on the net for solutions to my problem. In one of those moment, I hit Nick's website and I do have to say I love every single post I read. Some are very insteresting and informative. These days I am into running my own e-commerce website


Hi all,

my name is just like my nick, Boaz... I live in Israel, have a wife and three daughters, and no cats or dogs. Been in the SEO/M business for 7 years and enjoying (almost) every minute, running my own company. Used to be a software engineer before that (15 years). Beside semi normal SEM, we are also the SEO consultants to a few very high profile Internet companies.
I found this site while searching for something else, and after I saw all the names I used to see at WMW and whose posts I liked to read (some of which I rarely see anymore), I decided to add the site to the very small list of sites I keep track of. It definitely has a certain spirit I no longer find at WMW.

We're all here to learn, Mard

We're all here to learn, Mardi Gras. Welcome to threadwatch.

Hello to All

Another WebmasterWorld refugee. Thanks to Mivox for pointing me here - lots of familiar names. I am a marketer by trade and run a vacation home website to market some properties we own.

I am sure my technical skills are insignificant compared to many of those here, but I look forward to providing useful commentary when I can and keeping my mouth shut when I can't.


Hi From Mike Taylor -

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to thank you for the Threadwatch site (an excellent idea) and to introduce

We are an international (niche) job site for the search engine industry.

My personal background is in Online Marketing and Online Recruitment and I feel this makes us fairly unique in that we have experience of running and operating search engine marketing campaigns for clients(SEO & PPC)as well as helping companies recruit people for their companies.

We also produce a blog offering news/information about jobs and careers in the search engine industry:

I look forward to being able to contribute to the forums in the future.


Mike Taylor

I hope I will learn much here

though I fall into the "web design" cat not the SEO cat.... I was more or less nudged this direction by mivox....

Lots of reading to do, but I do read fast. I see a lot of names I recognize, and many from whom I have learned a great deal, my thanks to all of you. And thanks to NickW for this nice place - kind of wondered where you'd got to! Your CSS tutorials saved my life and made me think.

Hello all

Nick this is a really nice place you got. Like Kpaul and I suspect many of you I got into this stuff in the bbs days. Who could of guessed then we would end up here. Kind of dropped out in the middle nineties when I did the best thing I ever did. Sold everything I had and just walked the earth. Very liberating experience.

Around 2000 I was living and still do in the Guatemalan Highlands and I was looking for ways to make a little money. A friend and I concepted an online b2b services company and I got back into the internet and boy what a change.

How I got into SEO was we were showing 80th place for our company name. Then I stumbled on wmw. Nic is Skippy but I don’t really post much there. So you all probably don’t know me too well. Learned css from our kind host and I still hand code if you can believe that. Just like to touch the code.

I am really impressed with your membership list Nick. I learned a lot of stuff from you guys and gals and I just would like to thank you.



new to threadwatch, but have been 'online' since compuserve and BBSs in the 80s. i describe myself as a journalist, poet and pilgrim (not necessarily in that order). if you google 'kpaul' you should be able to find out some more info. (the motorcycle site and some others aren't me, tho. lol. )

good to be here.


Lurker Outed

I have been a lurker for yonks. Been outed by a post so the introduction appears.

I lurk on most boards I watch but now this and webmasterworld have forced me to post.

Been in internet biz for about 12 years as consultant and journalist. Am a consultant with various companies in Scotland, Germany and US. Mostly B2B except for in Scotland where I am e-initiatives advisor to Scottish Parliament.

Before this I was a soldier, keyboard player for band in the 80's and long time music and entertainments journalist for UK national daily.

Hobbies have been getting into helicopters to fly them and jumping out of fixed wing aircraft (also jumped out of a helicopter twice but both times the aircraft was perfectly airworthy). I also liked climbing mountains.

I smoke and swear like a trooper.

Sometimes I say what I think

Glad I found this page to introduce myself. I started in web design about 10 years ago. I have been doing SEO in addition to the design for around 4 years with the last couple feeling like I actually know what I am doing.

I have enjoyed reading threadwatch for a while now but just recently registered. I hope to help encourage the quality discussions that happen here and hope not to offend anyone when I happen to say what I am thinking.

Cheers, and here's to

lurker here...

Threadwatch is at the top of my RSS feeds on homepage! I was recommended probably 3 months ago by the owner of the company I work for when I commented how much "useless chatter" their was in the forums. (I am a get to the point type of guy)

About me, I do link building in Upstate, NY for an internet marketing company. Before that I had been working on a website for myself and found I was spending way too much time re-inventing the wheel. So I made a career change. Turns out I have a knack for getting lots of Links for clients :)

Anyone wanting to know more private me...

Coming out lurking mode...maybe

Nick has been very sweet to me this weekend and he's encouraging me to quit I'll try.

Hi, I'm Rochelle and I'm a...lurker. Ha, you thought I'd say alcoholic...well maybe that, too. After the Super Bowl party last night (this morning) I could very well qualify to fit in the category of the "A" word.

Anyway, I have an employer and work on his site fulltime. One of these days, hopefully, I can make some money on my own. Testing the waters, Unsuccessfully so far, but someday...

I really don't have much to say (which is why I lurk everywhere). I mostly feel intimidated by all of you brilliant people, but I will make an effort. OK?


Just wanted to say hi, its Leigh from Mirago.
Great site Nick ;o)



Just discovered this place today, great job Nick.

I've been a fulltime webmaster since 1999 and Creative Director at 360 Mediaworx Inc. for some 4 years now. Always busy, always up for a round of golf.

Long time WMW member, occasional poster. A lot of familar names round here..I look forward to visiting on a regular basis..



Hmmm... why am I compelled to

Hmmm... why am I compelled to post?

Stealth mode off. Been an SEO about 9 years now, entirely on sites I directed or owned, and nowadays for select clients. That's a long time. Nothing major earth-shattering or ground-breaking or insanely creative or grossly profitable, but lots of top rankings.

Many years of memberships at certain tool houses, subscription forums... and usually in stealth mode. There's a ton of data buried in that historical record, and it will probably never be erased. Someday someone will collate it. Danger Will Robinson.

Nonetheless WTF, for certain aspects and this excellent forum. And in continuing my spirit of KMA, my website URL is still "coming soon", at Yes, so unprofessional. So sue me.

Jim here, hello everybody

I stumbled upon this great forum yesterday and honestly can't remember how. I work in Calgary, Canada as a financial consultant and have been trying to learn enough to build a website (still working on it)

I work with quite a few small businesses and got interested in "local search" and started a blog about the subject:

I'm not a tech guy but I would certainly like to learn more about doing business on the web. I'm hoping a little bit of the knowledge here will rub off ...

Paying My Dues

Nick you finally prompted me to get out of lurk mode and actually post.

I'm more of a programmer (offline) than anything web based, however I have developed some PHP sites that have performed beyond expectations for their owners. Maybe it's because there it not a great deal of SEO competition down here in South Africa ;)

I am formally employed as Quality Assurance manager of a company in the telecoms sector although eventually I hope to go back to being self-employed. The offer I got to return to corporate life was to good to turn down and the original limited period contract has been extended a couple of times.



Welcome in! :)

....and, what a way to make an entrance -- User number 700 Woohoo...

OK, so at least 100 or so will probably never return after getting their free giveaway last week but that's still a cool number, if only you could have been number 666 eh? but alas, that honor went to a guy yet to break lurkdom :(

So, again, welcome in everybody, and if you've not paid your dues in this thread by saying hi and telling us a bit about yourself, please do...

Cloaked greetings to all

Hmph - yet another forum to join? Well, that was my first reflexive thought ... but then I took a gander at what was actually going on here, and seeing that Nick is such a nice guy, and Dirk developing a knack of pointing me to really good threads every other day or so, yadda yadda - anyway, here I am now for better or for worse.

Lots of familiar faces here, too, and not all of them entirely virtual, either. So feel free to simply skip what's coming below. But for those who are as yet in getting-familiar limbo as far as I'm concerned, here's some bio feed.

Never been employed, never said "boss" to anyone for the past 25 years or so. (Two shitty years in the German army made it perfectly clear that I wasn't particularly cut out for that sort of thing.) And haven't regretted it one second, even when the going got tougher than I care to remember.

While my academic background is in literature and languages, I discovered the Internet back in 1994 after feeling the temperature of the BBS scene a while before. Got my first PC (a Victor Sirius hybrid) around 1984 and enjoyed experimenting with programming and, better still, writing about it.

Later, when the Net became accessible to the general public, I'd switched to quite another industry, namely offshore finance, tax avoidance schemes, privacy tools, anti Big Brother strategies, etc. (yeah, pretty shady stuff even then ... but I reckon the notorious "taxBomber" won't ring too many bells in this place); and when I made my first sale only 12 hours after "designing" my first pot ugly amateurish web page at Geocities, I guess I was hooked to the medium. Spent some money and effort on what was still nascent SEO a couple of months later (boy, was that an easy going and dead simple affair at the time: meta tag stuffing, invisible text, lots of sneaky stuff which still worked then.

Ok, so there are those who would say I never ever stopped, he he: when
I met my old school buddy Dirk again and we decided to go into Internet marketing together for real, we mucked about with SEO and cloaking a bit till we'd honed our spiel enough to incorporate and go public as So what shall I say: we were profitable after only six months (and, better yet, still are) online, so I guess we must have done something right.

Ah yes, and in case you didn't know - we're German expats (did I hear someone mumble "kraut cloakers"?!) residing in the German speaking part of Belgium where the food's about ten times better than anywhere across the border and every man and his dog is voraciously multi lingual.

I will confess that I'd loved to have said that I'm a Gypsy by abduction or something equally exotic, but then I didn't want to spoil Mike's act ... :-)

Instead, I'd like to point out that this SEO/SEM industry, whether still in its toothing stage or a geriatric nut case already (argue, argue), strikes me as one of the major individualists' hotbeds of our digital time. (Would be hard put to name a second one offhand, actually.) What a wonderfully anarchic crowd. In short - glad to be here!

Raised by apes.

After being plunged by a burning plane into the jungle, where my parents were already toast after drinking large gin and tonics for the entire flight, I was saved by some apes who found me in a burning bush.

They then sold me to some wolves, who with a little help from me, were able to build the city of Rome.

After this, we all got bored with inventing central heating and hot baths, so we worked on something new: a search engine powered by natural hot springs, which is all we knew about then.

Unfortunately, as neither the apes or the wolves could read and therefore, neither could I... well that was a complete f*&^%ng waste of time wasn't it.

So, we live and learn...

Hi, I'm Mike - and like you - I'm a searchaholic!

Latest recruit

Hey all, wanted to stop in and say hi.

i've been lurking for a while but i just finally signed up for an account. i do mostly C programming but i've been known to hack some php on occasion. i'm basicly a newb when it comes to most other web stuff tho :) but i'm here to learn!


Buried at the bottom

Hi Everyone. Thought I would show my face. I use WMW with the same name.

I heard NickW is doing a good job so I thought I'd come on over.

The members list here looks pretty intimidating. I'll try not to say anything stupid :))

evening all

Im ben.

just found this place through a semi-cryptic clue in the wmw supporters forum, and have been reading the good stuff ive been missing here since.

im based in newcastle, uk and mainly do css/xhtml/graphics/accessibility, but am tryin desperately to brush up on seo so maybe oneday i can work from home on my own sites, isntead of coding for the man.

nice to see all the familiar names - was wondering were nick had been hiding :)


Talk about a star studded line up :-)

Welcome everyone that's sigened in since i last posted here - if you guys (or anyone) have questions or need anything just pm me - im a bit slow sometimes but i do get there in the end :)

If you're reading here and you have either a) Not said hi in this thread or b) Not registered at all (gasp!) please do! It's great to see a few details on what people and their backgrounds, this remains my favorite thread here at TW hah..



I've been lurking on the RSS feed for awhile, but just recently got the urge to post -- Nick has a talent for starting discussions that make you want to say something :-)

I've been building sites since pre-mosaic days (yes, I'm older than dirt), but have mostly been building web apps since about '97. I'm also co-owner of a small hosting co., and have recently started a new sideline teaching small business site owners why their 6-page brochureware sites don't make money...

There's always something new to do in this industry...


Nice site!! I am into the editing side of directories. I have edited in quite a few directories, starting with DMOZ 5 yrs. ago in a category with 5 listed sites. I reached the 100,000 edits quite some time ago, and I am still going strong.

There are not enough hours in a day. ;)

Yeah, I'm here also :)


Great site, thanks for letting me in to offer my 2cents.

BTW, the poop was flushed :D



Drinks? OK! :D


Hello, not too good with intros...but meet me at any conference for drinks :)


He has arrived:)


What company!

Feel like I am back at WmW :) I just love working from home.
Thanks Nick.

Hey there

I'm Adam. I don't recall exactly how I stumbled upon TW, but I'm happy to be here. Seems like a lot of interesting stuff, and cool, opinionated people.

Um, as for me... well, I like digital photography and music performance/composition, I am a major Lindy Hop enthusiast, and love traveling and exploring.

Ah, and workwise... heh heh, well, I do a bunch of geeky-but-non-programming stuff. Some SEO (largely AdWords / PPC related), and also quite a bit of consulting for a startup company in silicon valley.

But 'nuff about me. I look forward to learning about others here, even if largely in lurk mode.

Have a good one.


Hey all...

I'm the owner of and . Constant Content is my newest project and its only been up about 6 months and its gotten some pretty good results so far. As for my real job, I’m a Mac IT guy who specializes in OSX servers. This is a great site and will now be added to my sites that I visit daily.

All you writers and webmasters check out Constant Content when you get a chance.


Blame JasonD Some More

Hi, I'm George Sepich. I run a small offline tourism publishing business and I'm in the process of building that business online as well.
In the past I've been a TV producer, copywriter, and advertising account executive, and live with wife and daughter here in balmy Central Illinois.

This looks like a great place to learn what I need to learn!
Thanks Jason.

Note to Rae: Check Yer PM's

So, after sending my PM for my free stuff, I see a PM from Nick from, like, when I joined a ways back telling me to intro myself. Which I would have done had I ever seen the PM, LOL. Not much to say bout me. I'm affiliate scum.

Nice site Nick, it's getting props everywhere - and it deserves them.

Out of Lurker status into the Fire

I've been reading Nick's blog since I think he created it - my fav RSS feed. Never had a reason to b/c a member until Nick made a brilliant move and offered something free... (Where's that email link to follow directions...)

Good info + free stuff = eWhisper out of the shadows.

Anyway. I'm an oft verbose poster who loves PPC, reverse engineering AdWords forumalas, and figuring out how to get OV products to trump each other without others bidders realizing it.

For the actual paycheck, I'm the Senior PPC Analyst at