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Running Through Proxy Servers
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I've noticed that many tools like "GooSug scraper" pull data from Google by running through proxy servers. Although I understand the method conceptually, I would appreciate knowing more about what kind of specific resources are available. Can anyone suggest any proxy services (free or paid), software, on-line tutorials, etc.?


Hey Kirk

I have some general thoughts for you:

I use a paid proxy service from - they're pretty good for the day to day things like:

  • Serps scraping
  • Position checking
  • Browsing areas you'd rather remain anonymous in

but beware, dont use them for any hardcore applications. The one time me and a group of friends did with using their service they stole the idea and tried to sell it back to us as "a service" - wankers.

Most folks use these sites to get free proxy servers:

The second site also has a forum where you can often find folks selling private lists - as free proxies tend to be a bit crap from the free lists these are often quite desireable.

As to the ins and outs of finding them yourself, as I understand it you would need to use something like Nmap to scan sections of the net looking for open proxy ports - i forget the port numbers to look for but it's not hard to work out. You'd then test each one to see if it was possible to post/get from the proxy and what level of anonymity it provided. As you can see, that's a lot of effort to go to when you can easily subscribe to a service (check the adsense on the first link) or buy a private list from someone who specializes in this.

If you're going to look at *any* of these options you do need to devise your own proxy check scripts to ensure an "elite" level of anonymity. An alarming proportion of so-called elite servers are not high anonymity at all! Look for X_FORWARDED_FOR, X_HTTP_VIA and REMOTE_PC_ADDR headers that will give away your real IP

Also, turn off java! If your browser has Java turned on it makes no difference what level of anonymity you use, clever applications can get you IP easily.

Was that what you were looking for?


Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Nick, and I appreciate your detailed reply.

The only additional info that might be helpful is any tips specifically relative to utilizing anonymous proxy servers via PHP running on a remote Linux/Apache web server.


No Problem

For this type of thing i like to use the cURL libraries. Specifically, in curl_setopt() you can set proxy parameters for your curl executions.

You'll have to compile PHP with cURL support but it's the simplest way i've found of using proxies within php as it's just so straight forward...


Great, and thanks, again!


But of course Google will have the same proxy lists as you. Not so elite huh..

Google and Proxy Lists

Hi, webforce ~

Yes, I imagine that Google has the same lists. They certainly could if they were so inclined. That said, our access to their SERPs won't be identified as *our* server, correct?

By the way, we could use the Google API but the 1K results wouldn't come closed to meeting our needs.


Finding and Using Anonymous Proxies

There's a very nice article on finding and using proxies at i-hacked.


Thanks much, Nick!


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