New Additional Links Layout in Google


Has anyone else picked up on the new layout of the 'additional links' in Google yet?

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Also, how are these links actually generated? What can you do to influence which links are shown and which aren't?

I've noticed some major caompanies not having these links for their brand query, and yet I've seen others having the links for queries outside of their brand.



rustybrick is on it

Barry covered it a few places.

As for how the links are accrued, so far it looks like only a format change to the way they've been posting those links for a couple years, not necessarily a new method of determining the links themselves.

From what I have seen

.. they have extended the number of additional links for some sites

Really annoying if a competitor has the additional links and you don't

So how...

....are these links actually generated, and how can I 'influence' which links are selected by Google? I had some theories, but I'm really not sure how they are chosen.

Maybe using data from Google Personalised??

The BBC has some strange ones displayed

......I'm not sure why Google displays the Arabic version of the site. I can't imagine a high % of users click on it.

Any ideas??

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