Mike Grehan leaves MarketSmart Interactive


No reason given. Looks like it lasted almost 18 months. The things that make you go "Hmmmmm....."


I am sure Mike will do great

I am sure Mike will do great wherever he goes and whatever he does. WebSourced I am not so sure about.

I just saw Mike at ad:tech

I just saw Mike at ad:tech last week - all spiffed up in a hawaiian shirt or something like that on his way to a party. I would say Mike pretty much owns his destiny in the search biz.

I don't personally know

I don't personally know Mike, but (a) I wish him well, and (b) I don't think he needs it. :)

Is he speaking in San Jose?

And I agree. He "owns his destiny". Best wishes Mike, wherever you go next.

Good For Mike!

My frank thoughts at personal blog.

But I am really happy for Mike. I am sure it was not an easy decision.

Ditto on what DianeV said,

Ditto on what DianeV said, though I'd like to meet him and say "thanks" for the ideas he's shared over the years.

Mike's too much of a name in

Mike's too much of a name in the industry to lose out from moving forward - WebSourced, on the other hand, I'm not so sure are moving forward.

Best wishes to Mike on this.

Good luck to him

He clearly knows his stuff and will have lots of options. Maybe he will get a chance to update his search engine optimization ebook - seems like I vaguely recall being a promised a free upgrade to the soon to be issued version 3.0 when I bought a copy back in 2004 (but hey, the interviews that came with it were still reasonably up to date and useful). Or maybe he can just take a well deserved vacation.

Good luck Mike..

Best of luck. Guess this is where your career steps up yet another notch.

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