PayPal steps forward against checkout - new affiliate offer from CJ


The fight over web payments is stepping up the ladder, and paypal looks like it's trying to put their hands on new businesses
I got mail from CJ today offering a new paypal affiliate program (link - you shoul be a CJ member):

You can earn up to $23 for every new PayPal Business or Premier account you refer under our new PayPal affiliate program. Make top commissions when your referred merchants start receiving off-eBay payments ? sign up now!

bla bla..

How You Get Paid

1. Sign up to be a PayPal affiliate.
2. For each Business or Premier account that you refer, you'll be paid $3.
3. Earn additional money if they activate and receive their first payment within 45 days of referral:

* Get $20 if the first payment is a non-eBay payment (from their own website).
* Get $1 if the account's first payment is an eBay payment.

Sounds a bit cheap (paypal pays 23$ per account +30% to CJ means very good business... for PayPal). Think I'll wait for G's offer or a revenue share option ;-)


Don't even need to...

Paypal doesn't even need to fight it. Google is doing a good job of kicking themselves with how poorly their checkout has gone. I have a few clients who have had to wait days for authorization, have had perfectly good transactions declined (from regular customers), and more. From the word I'm hearing, it's more of a headache then it is worth. Too much manual reviews and not enough reviewers.

Well, the problem with all

Well, the problem with all online payment systems is that none of them is perfect and i am not sure how long it will take us to see something at least close to perfect.

Sent them 45 sign-ups in the

Sent them 45 sign-ups in the last 9 months, got 6 bucks so far. Some program.

How many ways to spell "Paypal sucks"?

Had a problem with them and direct debits and "verified account". Spoke to an "agent" and they didn't know. Asked to speak to another agent and they didn't know either. Filled in the form at their site. Got a reply back from an agent with a template reply that answered a completely different question. Replied to that email politely and explained the question again. Got sent a similar template. Getting irate now and asked to speak to a supervisor. She apologised and, and guess what, she sent me the same template that doesn't answer my question. So filed a complaint online that their staff don't seem very well trained. They reply with the usual platitudes about how important customer service is and, send me the template ... arrghh!

Then they send me an email asking me if I'd fill in a survey about their email handling. I don't dare, I may get another copy of that template.

Sorry for the rant but $23 or not, why would I recommend you if your service is crap?

Oh, and it's up to $23. They forgot to add the emphasis. What's the chance that very few, if any, will see that kind of money?

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