The Excess Effect

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The Excess Effect
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"My ability to produce and acquire has far outstripped my ability to consume."

I first put this under TW's Search & SEO/SEM section because I've been feeling the information overload in this sector lately. I moved it to Tools & Tech because maybe I'll get around to outlining my wish-list for a power-reader's RSS aggregator.



My name is Nick, and im an RSSAholic...

I like bloglines and it does seem to be reasonably geared to power-use - im currently on about 180 feeds i think and it takes a fair bit of maintenance to constantly weed out the crud and keep the categories in order..

Some things that would make my consumption easier:

  • Ability place one feed in multiple folders
  • Keyword ordering - have posts containing certain words come up first in the reading list
  • Combo feeds - combine some feeds into one uber feed

Just off the top of my head..

I really so heavily on RSS that it's scary to see talk of it imploding under the weight of popularity...

don't like hosted *anything*

I don't like hosted *anything* --I prefer to control my own dependencies.

Nope, it has to be a stand-alone app.

Top of the wish-list: That I'd be able to prioritize my feed sources by "authority" then delete any and all blog posts linking to the same article from "subordinated" feeds. IOW, I'm looking for the root blog post and I only want read about it once.


Generally we share that view, but in terms of bloglines i do find it enormously simple, and VERY fast to read.

Just picked up this snippet on the bloglines business model.

If i understand it right, unless they are very clever in how they do it, i'll be exporting my feeds to opml and looking for a desktop ap aswell...


You might find this interesing...

The crush of information we process every day creates a terrible dilemma. On the one hand, we must conserve the scarce resource of attention. On the other hand, we need to become aware of everything that matters. It’s a tricky balancing act, but one that nature’s humblest creatures have adroitly mastered. The real-time visual processing performed by insects, as described by Tom Daniel in his PopTech lecture this fall, is just one example of how efficiently biological systems can crunch data.

" At one time, my RSS intake

" At one time, my RSS intake was mostly feeds from conventional published sources, along with a few from individuals. Now it’s the reverse. I subscribe to people more than to publications, and not because I don’t value the information in those publications -- I do, very much -- but rather because, outside of the realms in which I’m closely involved, I can delegate the job of tracking primary sources to people whose interests and inclinations qualify them to do so."

Good for him, but if he's just getting around to this point he's at least 3 years behind me. Now I'm at the point of having too many 'people whose interests and inclinations qualify them' to provide me news.

You also have..

Those sites the specialize in "quick news" - a bit like this one, only some like MoCoNews do tend to publish everything that happens no matter how insignificant and that can quickly overload a guy...

Check out onfolio (mentioned by scoble, who has to have even more headaches with too much good news than I do) and also the comments in the post.

BUT, I've not seen anyone address the problem of too many blogs posting on the same topic. I want to cut to the chase (programatically) and assign authority to the 'people whose interests and inclinations qualify them' to speak to me via blogs --then I want to see the top of the information tree, not all the lower branches who tend to be talking about the same thing.

Lektora / I don't read French

Is there an English version of that one RC? Looks quite interesting - I'm also in the market for something that will put it all together for me ;)

Though imho, the way forward beyond bookmarking people is to be able to algorithmically sort (and resort) the folks in the bookmarks by output, semantic correlation, amount of data, perhaps number of 'replies' in the blogosphere, etc. Some way of further slicing the haystack of data that's produced by all the folks that we (intentionally or not) assign authority to that we like getting our news / inforamation / data from.

>English version of that one

>English version of that one RC?

No, but they promised one *soon* (2010-ish?)

Onfolio have a beta download available - looks neat, but shouldnt think it as anything much in the way of authority prioritization..


English available on the lektora site now. I'll let someone else do the reviewing as I'm feed-ignorant.


Well, they have a linux install so im happy - but the weird thing is, they dont need one! - instead of just providing the xpi file on their server, you have to download and unpack a package, which they tell you to move to /usr/local (again unnecessarily) and point your browser at the xpi file in that directory...

Beyond strange - it means you cant get an update via the extensions dialogue in firfox - muppets...

Anyway, when i get through the tabs i have left open from last night, i'll give it a whirl and let you know what it's like...


Truly ghastly...

You can't delete their preset folders and it's unintutive to the point of ridiculouslness...

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